Gluing Magnets: three Tips for avoiding a difficult SituationBy Shalea HardisonGluing magnets deserve to be one sticky situation – and not simply literally. The tricky to make sure the magnet continues to be where the attached, not whereby it’s attracted. We’ve uncovered when it concerns adhering magnets, there are three key steps to producing a successful bond: preparation, choice and cure time.

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It’s often overlooked, but surface preparation is renders a far-reaching difference in achieving a solid surface bond between a magnet and also the adhesive. Make sure the surface ar of the magnet is dirt and oil totally free by clean everything it v rubbing alcohol. Magnets with smooth nickel coatings, like neodymium magnets, typically need some abrasion to boost adhesion. A quick swipe through a fine grit sand file does the trick. The course, be sure to clean off any residual dust. Taking a few minutes to prepare the magnets deserve to save hrs of headaches under the road.


If you’ve been to the save to purchase adhesive recently, climate you recognize the an option can be overwhelming. Choosing the correct adhesive is critical. Over there are numerous excellent choices available, and selecting the appropriate adhesive depends on the product you are affixing the magnet to.For most surfaces, such as metal and wood, the typical strong adhesives such as two-part epoxies, Loctite, liquid Nails, super Glue, and Gorilla glue all work well.For craft tasks with light-weight magnets, double-sided tape and also Glue Dots organize just fine. Low temp warm glue deserve to be offered with ceramic magnets – however not with neodymium magnets. The temperature that the glue deserve to lower the toughness of those magnets. Plastics pose the most complicated surface to attach a magnet to. Choose one adhesive specifically designed because that plastic. 3M, E6000 and Loctite make great choices. Together a point of reference, among the adhesives we usage on our neodymium magnets is a short Surface power foam tape from 3M, do it efficient for plastic surfaces.

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Cure Time

This last action is the hardest – we all desire to test our jobs or rate up manufacturing, however none of the preparation and also gluing issue if you sirloin right right into use. Giving the adhesive ideal time to cure is the last action in ensuring the shortcut holds tight. Follow manufacturer directions to identify this time. Keep in mind the high humidity environments and also excessively thick applications the adhesive both slow-moving down cure time.For our own magnets through adhesive, us recommend 24 hours cure time. Since we recognize the importance of adhesive, we market some of our magnets through a pre-applied adhesive. Execute you have any type of other advice you would add? permit us recognize in the comments below.

Once i have created enough surface ar area with abrasion to both surfaces, ns have found that utilizing 90% alcohol v a lint-free applicator then finishing off with a rapid “stick-&-remove” with some clean gorilla < or equivalent > publication tape provides an for sure oil/dust free adherence. Particularly for the remove of steel dust particles produced from the abrasion of the magnet surface. Most have actually no clue as to how necessary surface preparation is when developing a link & just how much surface ar area deserve to be developed with some basic abrasion. Say thanks to You for her correct & informative post !