Riley Burruss" bio reveals the she to be born on 22nd respectable 2002...has got to the period of 17...stands in ~ a elevation of 5 feet 8 customs (1.72 meters)...shared her photo on Instagram after load loss...her mother Kadi Burruss married real Housewives that Atlanta producer Todd Tucker in...her mother and also step-father welcomed a infant in...

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Riley Burruss obtained fame together a daughter that musician and also television personality Kandi Burruss. She has also occasionally been starred in her mother"s reality television series, The real Housewives that Atlanta.

Bio- age & Parents

Riley Burruss to be born on 22nd respectable 2002 in Georgia. Her parents room Television personalities—her mother, Kandi Burruss, is one American tv personality, actress, singer, songwriter, and also businesswoman.Riley Burruss v her mother, Kandi Burruss on fourth November 2019 (Photo: Riley Burruss" Instagram)Similarly, Riley"s organic father, Russell "Block" Spencer, has actually music and management company, and also Love and also Hip Hop Atlanta star Yung Joc have hit on his label.

Riley"s Mother

Riley"s mother, Kandi Burruss, who was born in university Park, Georgia, is the daughter of the Reverend Titus Burruss Jr. And Joyce Jones. She learned at Tri-Cities High institution in east Point, Georgia, henceforth, graduating in 1994.At the age of 15, Kandi started her job after she an initial appeared on the gambling series, teenager Summit, an American talk display for youth. She first gained recognition after she came to be a member of the American vocal group Xscape in 1992. Now, Kandi stars in the Bravo reality television collection The genuine Housewives of Atlanta.

Parents Details

Riley Burruss"s parental Kandi and Russell, very first saw each other at the radio station. Yet only ~ a year, castle ran right into each other at a automobile dealership wherein they exchanged numbers and also soon started hanging out. Their connection was short-lived after ~ Kandi discovered out about her partner"s infidelity. She decided to end the relationship also after discovering she was pregnant v Riley.Riley also does not share a warmth relation with her father due to the fact that her father to be never existing in she life and also rarely communicates v Riley. Another Musician: Misa Arriaga Wiki: Age, Family, JobAfter the split, Kandi, Riley"s mother, married Real Housewives of Atlanta"s producer Todd Tucker in 2014. On 6th January 2016, Kandi and also her husband Todd welcomed their son named Ace Wells.

Riley Burruss" weight Loss Journey

In June 2018, Riley Burruss revealed that she had actually lost 52 pounds. She additionally posted a snapshot of her transformation on her Instagram account.Now, she has remained cursed to her brand-new healthier lifestyle and also motivates other civilization to get earlier to their very own fitness goals. Riley"s mother, Kandi, is likewise proud of she transformation—often, she praises she saying she is proud the her weight loss journey, and also she look at fantastic.

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Riley Burruss stands at the elevation of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters).

Quick Facts

Riley has actually a birth sign, Leo.Her father"s music label, dubbed Block Entertainment, assisted R&B singer Ciara to launch her career.Riley"s dad Russell Spencer make a shocking debut by appearing on season 9 that the fight Bravo series, The real Housewives the Atlanta.
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