Okay, the subject of KH character"s heights has actually kept me wondering. I lastly think I"ve determined the basics!




On the FFWiki, it claims that Cloud Strife"s and also Squall Leonharts"s heights space 5"7" and also 5"8", respectfully. Acquisition that into consideration, Sora watch noticeably much shorter when the stands beside them in hollow Bastion. Additionally note that Riku is taller than him and Kairi is much shorter (this applies to their Nobodies together well, and every one of their various other selves).


I"d say the Axel is about the Leon elevation (or perhaps a pair inches taller), not included his spiky hair, of course. If you watch 358/2 Days very closely when members room standing beside eachother, you will notice that Xigbar, Saix, Axel, Demyx, and also Luxord every seem to be about the exact same height, when again not included hair-styles. Zexion is obviously among the shortest, but still taller than Roxas when you observe them standing beside eachother throughout the mission he trains friend on.


Lexaeus is the tallest. Although, Vexen is practically the same height if girlfriend look at as soon as he, Lexy, and also Zexy room standing about planning in Re:CoM. Xaldin would be the next on the tall list. Xemnas and also Marluxia are likewise rather tall, Marly gift noticeably taller than Axel in Re:CoM. Larxene appears to be just slightly shorter than Zexion, comparing how they each look beside Roxas in Days.

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Also, spring at how Xemnas seems taller than Xigbar, yet Braig and also Apprentice Xehanort were virtually the same height (seen as soon as they walk side by side in BbS mystery ending), ns am command to think that Terra is much shorter than Xemnas. Nevertheless of MX"s crooked back, you can conveniently see that if he to be to stand straight, he"d it is in taller than Terra. Hence, ol" Xemny acquired MX"s height, no Terra"s. I"m quiet not certain on Ansem,SoD, though.


Now, Aqua looks prefer she has actually a good height, being shorter than Terra, however not through a lot.


So, my estimates on each character that ns examined are as adheres to (from forehead to forehead, no the height of hairstyles):


Sora(KHII), Roxas, Ventus, and Vanitas= 5 feet high (don"t criticize just yet).

Kairi(KHII), Namine, and also Xion= 4"6" (hear me out on this one).

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Riku(KHII) and Zexion= 5"4"

Xemnas, understand Xehanort, and also Marluxia= 6"1"

Terra and Apprentice Xehanort= 5"9"

Xigbar, Saix, Axel, Demyx, and Luxord= 5"8"- 5"10"

Xaldin and also Vexen= 6"2"

Lexaeus= 6"5"

Larxene= 5"3"

Aqua= 5"5"- 5"6"


These heights space meant to be estimates, no precise- for this reason don"t host it versus me if friend think I"m just a pair inches dorn on a couple of characters. Well, i did my best. Still numerous other characters I"m not sure on, such as Ansem the Wise, grasp Eraqus, Xehanort"s Heartless, etc.