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Lee & Tiffany Lakosky

A love for the land. A love because that the hunt. And a love because that each other. Crush with Lee & Tiffany brings you within the Lakosky’s home, travels and also hearts because that a fun journey behind the guts and also glory the the the end industry. As the well-known TV hosts of the end Channel’s top-rated, award-winning Crush through Lee & Tiffany, Lee and also Tiffany Lakosky have blazed a trail in ~ the outdoor industry proving that tough work, perseverance, dedication and skill can accomplish anything. Along with their children, Cameron Lee Lakosky and also Raygen Joan Lakosky, their Labrador Retrievers, Tanker & Mattie May and also a revolving roster of family and friends, the duo have determined the formula because that crushing few of the biggest video game there is.

It all started with love at very first “shot”. Together an airline attendant, Tiffany got to see the world, yet longed come take her love that the outdoors to the following level. As soon as she want to shot archery, she turned to Lee, that was following his passion and also working at an archery shop and also pursuing a career as a chemistry engineer. Together it turns out, Tiffany to be a herbal with a bow, which prompted Lee to combine his two pursuits and also after gaining married in 2003, they moved to Iowa to begin their soil management and whitetail dreams. If lucky is a combination of tough work and opportunity, climate Lee and Tiffany have found it. V blood, sweat and also tears they worked day and night to create their farms and strict whitetail management program. “Let lock go, permit them grow” is a expression they have learned come live by and also is quickly coming to be a family members hunting term. Together Lee believes: “To gain a an excellent buck, you need to pass ~ above a really good buck. It’s not about the dimension of a buck’s rack, yet rather the age of the deer as soon as it involves managing your herd.” once record-breaking bucks started falling, you might hear Tiffany’s celebratory “Yeeesss!” from across the farm, and also the searching industry took notice.

Lee and Tiffany held a truth based hunting display called Gettin’ Close which to be a large hit with viewers and quickly increased to the top of the outdoor Channel’s ratings. To remain fresh and also current with the changing television landscape, they launched the brand-new series Crush through Lee & Tiffany in 2008. The contents was reformatted come an even much more exciting, edgy and also fun programming genre that a broad demographic can enjoy, and also one the sponsors find fitting for their brand. Even if it is you clock them top top Crush, or have the great fortune of attending one of their events and meeting lock in person, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky not only record some of the ideal game, yet the hearts of every generations.

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They’re the genuine deal, and they’re just gaining started.