Is Donnie McClurkin gay? Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin has opened increase on his struggles with date as he fear he will never uncover love. Now countless want come know much more about the singer’s love life.

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Is Donnie McClurkin gay?

Donnie McClurkin has never shown his sexuality yet has previously opened up top top his past struggles v homosexuality.

In a 2002 column, the wrote: “I was not born through these sexual tendencies. It no chromosomal and had naught to execute with my DNA.”

Donnie has since talked out on his sexuality as he featured top top TV One’s autobiographical series Uncensored. 

Talking top top the show, the said: “My previous relationships to be a sprinkling of whatever – men and also women”.


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Who has Donnie McClurkin dated?

The minister prefers to store quiet about his an individual life and, therefore, who he has actually dated.

Although in 2016, he to be revealed to it is in dating fellow gospel singer Nicole C. Mullen.

They have due to the fact that gone their separate ways, with Donnie insisting they remain “great friends”.

Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty pictures for ESSENCE

The 61-year-old additionally reflected ~ above his connection with Nicole throughout his interview through TV One’s Uncensored.

Donnie said: “I didn’t know how to have actually the relationship. Ns didn’t know, really, what a mrs wanted.”

Talking of the future of his love life, the added: “I want to place down next to somebody that’s going come be v me for the remainder of my life, i really do”.

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Does Donnie McClurkin have actually a son? 

Yes, the gospel singer has two children: son, Matthew and daughter, Michelle. 

He has actually previously posted photos of Matthew and also Michelle ~ above Instagram to his 304,000 followers.

Celebrating Father’s work in 2019, that wrote: “This is my very heart …my dad and children! invested the last 2 days with my son…miss my daughter and also dad!