Trying to acquire a conversation and analysis on just how this ar feels around Cody and why. I really favored this post and their following responses therefore I want to check out everyone's thoughts on Cody.

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Cody was great in Island and also in hindsight ns think deserved the prayer he gained from every one of his fangirls. Island wasn't bleeding with well-developed, complex characters, yet Cody's among the only ones through a actual arc and also growth come him. Starting off as your usual nerdy, pervy stalker, we later see that he does have a love and versus everything we've seen of him prior, actually hooks up his crush v the human she actually wants to be with showing an outstanding amount that maturity because that a TD character even after so plenty of seasons due to the fact that this one. Granted his elimination after the was nice forced yet his operation was great while it lasted, he was a solid sustaining character.

World Tour mirrors us that not every character has actually the chops to it is in a key headliner. Cody in the season for the most part feels choose he regresses to his old methods without any kind of of the redeemable qualities he had ago in his very first run; he's also weirder towards Gwen while additionally being a complete hypocrite when it comes to Sierra's advances, and once Duncan returns Cody's candid a substantial ass come him for an extremely petty reasons, gratuitously punching the in the challenge simply due to the fact that his clear one-sided like kissed Duncan end him and only spiraling downwards indigenous there. All the when being among the least affiliated contestants the the season; contrasted to many if no every various other character once Noah it s okay voted off, Cody was clearly just... There, and the season occasionally points out how weird the is that Cody had the ability to make that so far in the first place. The gets much better in the last four or five episodes however that doesn't forgive the other 20-or-so illustration of family member pointlessness from an separation, personal, instance standpoint. He's choose Beth in activity in a way; much less than a quarter of a season's precious of actual development and relevance does no warrant gift featured in every episode of stated season. That placing third was the conserving grace due to the fact that even Alejandro warranted the success much much more than Cody, yet that's quiet a the majority of filler that never really flatters Cody's character uneven you're the kind of fan that finds him entertaining no matter what he does nevertheless of motive.

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Overall he simply ends increase being... Meh. He's at some point harmless in ~ the end of the day yet after people Tour dropped the high quality of his character down several pegs, ns can't to speak he's one of the greats either.