General Guidelines:Must be 18 year old and sign our Waiver.The maximum weight border for Tandem student is 220 lbs, through some exceptions.Maximum weight border for AFF student is 240 lbs.Over 70 years? Ask about your capacity to do a skydive.Why Is there a Skydiving weight Limit?

Not everyone have the right to skydive.

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load is simply one consideration. Parachute systems have actually a best designed weight limit. We add the weight of the passenger, gear, and the Tandem Instructor to remain within the limits of the equipment. If you are elderly, we will certainly ask inquiries to assist you recognize if you space a suitable candidate for a skydive.

Even if you are within the load limit, your Body massive Index and also body shape might make any kind of skydive much more of a danger to you.

A weight limit for tandem skydiving is crucial for many reasons.

All her weight sit on your thighs throughout the parachute ride down. This deserve to be uncomfortable if you space overweight for your height. Nausea, lose of circulation, and also even unconsciousness under the parachute deserve to happen.

Students sometimes have actually trouble lifting your legs because that landing, making injury an ext likely.

The harness sometimes cannot be fitted correctly or safely.

Larger passengers regularly have to jump with smaller tandem instructors, making your job challenging and their risk of injury greater.



There is much more to the than simply sitting in the harness. You need to deploy the parachute, steer, maneuver, also as attend to emergencies and possible malfunctions. A larger, more heavier person way a larger parachute; which way more toughness is compelled throughout the skydive to steer and also land the parachute.

Decreased adaptability if you are overweight or have poor body shape means that you may not have the ability to reach handles, deploy the parachute or address emergency instances properly.

Skydiving is not an amusement ride. It is a cultivate environment. Even a Tandem skydive needs the college student to get involved in the skydive to some degree.

Skydive City reserves the appropriate to refuse organization to anyone for the safety and security of ours students and our instructors. And we carry out not ‘force’ our tandem instructors to take people, even if they fall into the age and also weight limits.


If you are overweight, end the period of 70, and/or have any type of underlying clinical conditions, please speak to us in ~ 1-800-888-JUMP prior to making your reservation.

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