The celebration event of Communion (the Eucharist or the Lord"s Supper) is among the many special events in the prayer of Christian churches. Through Communion, believers are reminded that Jesus died in our place. Christian denominations have a wide range of knowledge of specifically what Communion is, and the frequency with which they observe Communion varies widely.

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Churches in which worship is a more formal, liturgical style are very likely to celebrate Communion every week. These encompass the roman inn Catholic Church, the Episcopal Church USA, the Orthodox Church in America, the Antiochan Orthodox Christian Diocese of phibìc America, the Serbian Orthodox Church the the USA and Canada, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of phibìc America, and also the Ukrainian Orthodox Church the the USA.

Denominations with a much less liturgical structure regularly do not celebrate Communion weekly. However, some that carry out are the Christian Church (Disciples the Christ), the Christian Church and also Churches that Christ, the Church that Christ and the Plymouth Brethren.

There are a variety of denominations in which separation, personal, instance congregations are allowed to decide because that themselves how regularly to storage Communion. The united Methodist Church says that "communion may be celebrated as regularly as desired." The Christian reformed Church in phibìc America enables freedom, yet requires Communion come be commemorated at least four times every year. The international Pentecostal Holiness Church calls for it at the very least once every year. Countless other live independence churches, no affiliated v a details denomination, may pick to celebrate Communion weekly.

In addition to varying philosophies on how frequently Communion have to be celebrated, there room varying see on precisely what happens during Communion, and also how Christ is current with believers through the sacrament. The an initial of this views is transubstantiation, the knowledge that the bread and wine actually become the physics body and also blood the Jesus. A 2nd view is sometimes referred to as consubstantiation. Follow to this view, Christ is present in, with, and through the elements, however they carry out not actually end up being his literal meaning body and also blood. The 3rd view is the real presence view, that Christ is spiritually current through Communion. The final view is that Communion is a memorial come Christ"s death, and also the bread and also wine space symbols of his body and also blood.

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