When it concerns water, hamsters do require it for drinking. But how much should you give to her hamster ? Does the need any kind of special therapies ?

This is what i asked myself when I very first got mine hamster – exactly how much water will he need ? walk he need a huge bottle ? Is a bowl okay ? This article will answer all of those questions, and more.

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Our Teddy drinking water

So just how much water does a hamster need ?

The quick answer is that a hamster commonly needs roughly 10 ml/100 gr that hamster, every day. So that’s 0.33 fl oz per 3.5 ounces the hamster. This is the same whether we space talking around syrian hamsters or the small types.

So if her hamster is choose mine, one adult syrian hamster, who weighs roughly 170 gr, climate he’d need approximately 17 ml per day. That’s 0.57 ml because that 6 oz, every day.

This does adjust according come how lot your hamster is running around. A more active hamster will require the full 10 ml per day. However a sedentary hamster or one that is very old and also does no run as much will finish up drink less.

Another aspect is your hamster’s diet. What girlfriend feed your hamster will make that drink an ext or less water. If friend feed her hammy specifically dry food (pellets, grains, seeds) he will drink more water. But if you give him mainly vegetables then he will attract a many water from them, and also not use the water party much.

For much more info on what come feed her hamster, and what foodstuffs he color etc water from, examine out my food list article. I additionally cover the wide variety of treats a hamster can safely eat.

How to give your hamster water

The best method to lug water to her hamster is v a water bottle(1) or tube. This is what I have actually for my hamster, and he flourished up drinking the end of a water feeder.


You have the right to see in the photo over the kind of water bottle he has. It’s simpler for hamsters come lick the finish of a tube than to drink favor dogs or cats from a bowl.

Those water bottles have a tiny tube that goes into the cage itself, and also have a little ball in ~ the end, come make sure water doesn’t circulation freely. But your hamster can easily drink like that, since all he needs to do is push the round with his tongue once drinking.

It might sound strange because that a human, yet for hamsters it’s normal and he has actually no troubles drinking like that.

The temperature of the water does no really matter, as long as it’s not really warm water. For instance Teddy drank both room temp water, and also cold tap water. He was fine with both, and there was no instant difference.

You can try bottled water, or insanity water. Hamsters are fine v both.

When does a hamster typically drink water

Hamsters are mostly nocturnal, for this reason that’s as soon as they’re most active. So, that’s as soon as they’ll be drink water the most.

Teddy walk come out throughout the day because that a small drink, or because he’s heard movement in the house. Yet most that his drink is in ~ night.

I frequently put him in an practice ball and let him roam the house. ~ about half an hour I placed him earlier in his cage, and also he goes straight for the water tube.

You have the right to read my article on just how to correctly exercise your hamster in his exercise ball, and how lengthy to leave him in one.

So like humans, hamsters will certainly drink a many water automatically after a workout. As well as this, they will drink water after ~ eating really dry food, and tiny sips of water when their body demands it.

But since your hamster is very active during the night, as soon as you’re most probably asleep, you won’t watch him drink often. Remainder assured the your hamster more than likely is drinking water.

How regularly to adjust your hamster’s water

There is no definitive answer come this. It counts a lot of on her disposition, the top quality of the water friend give, and also how clean the water party is.

For instance I change Teddy’s water as soon as per week, as soon as I clean the whole cage. He has actually a complete water bottle, the reaches 150 ml/ 5 fl oz and also he drinks out of the the entirety week.

If you want, girlfriend can change your hamster’s water every day, or every few days. This depends a many on the top quality of the water.

Where ns live the insanity water is fresh and clean, safe for any type of human or animal. I understand that over there are places where this is not the case. For this reason the water I put Sunday evening once I clean his cage, is still good next Sunday.

If you understand your water is not an extremely fresh, ns suggest changing it much more often. Or switching to bottled water and leaving that for much more days if girlfriend wish.

There yes, really is no clear answer, your hamster is qualified of drink condensation top top water pipes so taste is no a matter to him. However do save the water as fresh and clean together possible, come avoid any type of problems for her hamster.

If your hamster is very very active and drink his water really fast, then obviously girlfriend will have to provide an ext water, or adjust it much more often. A sedentary hamster deserve to live with much less water and also not really need much.

How to clean the water bottle

I typically clean Teddy’s bottle when I readjust the water. So i unscrew the tube part from the bottle, throw the end the remaining water, and get a clean record towel.

Rinse out the bottle simply to it is in safe, climate wrap the file towel on the finish of a spoon or fork. This method I can reach inside the entirety bottle and also wipe it all down. If her water bottle is not very long and also you can gain your finger in, then perform that and also a file towel.

Of course, girlfriend will have to keep changing the parts of the paper towel so it’s constantly dry and also you can fully clean the party on the inside.

Then, to wash once more and put enough water in the bottle.

Do no clean the water bottle with any kind that soap or disinfectant. Those require much rinsing and even then it can not be for sure for her hamster to drink.

I’ve had actually Teddy’s bottle since I obtained him in respectable 2017 and also it’s been fine because then, v just continual cleaning. If the water bottle is damaged or really demands a thorough cleaning, think about getting a new one. They’re commonly inexpensive, and most that them hold a large amount of water.

I looked about for a an excellent water bottle, and looked at the reviews together well. You can find a great water bottle for her hammy top top Amazon, and it have the right to hold about 11 ounces that water for your hamster.

Also make sure to clean the water pipe itself with a Q-tip ~ above the inside. Be mindful to no leave cotton fibers top top the tube, so her hamster will not capture its this in it.

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How to know if the water party is working

If you haven’t seen your hamster drink from the water bottle, climate you might concern it’s no working.

The water bottle usually works, yet here is just how to examine it. The small ball at the finish of the tube must move freely, even at the smallest touch. There should be no resistance as soon as you try to push it v your finger.

So keep the water party in the cage, and reach for it. Gently push with one finger to check out if the ball gives way. If it gives method you will likewise see a little bit of water come out. That means it’s working and also your hamster deserve to drink.

If it doesn’t move much, take into consideration adjusting the place of he bottle. If it’s the sort of bottle that has clasps the go onto the cage wires, try moving the clasps until the edge of the tube changes. You can have to take it the water bottle out and put it earlier in a far better angle.

Some cages have actually a little hole ~ above the side, to placed the tube through. If that does, then you can be sure that the position the bottle will remain in is correct.

If nobody of this works, and the ball does not move when you push with her finger, take it the water party out. Get a clean Q-tip and fiddle about the tube itself till you view what the trouble is.

Make certain the tube is facing upwards, so friend don’t spill water top top you. Or, unscrew the water tube component and rub it inside with the Q-tip.

What come do once your hamster does no drink water

Your hamster no drinking water is a severe thing, and it have to be checked.

You can examine for indications of dehydration by pulling very gently on the scruff of her hamster’s neck. He will certainly not it is in hurt by this, since he has part of his pouch there, and it is offered to expanding to good sizes.

Hold her hamster in your hand, and also gently tug at his scruff. Once your allow go, the skin need to snap earlier easily. This means your hamster is not dehydrated and also is drinking water.

But if the skin top top his scruff does no snap ago easily, and instead gradually goes ago to its early shape, your hamster is very dehydrated. Particularly if girlfriend still view a bit of elevated skin whereby you tugged.

If your hamster is undoubtedly dehydrated, do the following:

Check the the metal ball top top the water party is fine, and lets water drip. You can see air balloon come out once you check, this is a good sign.If after ~ a pair of job of changing his diet and checking his water, her hamster is still dehydrated carry him come the vet. He can be having a an ext severe problem.

A word native Teddy

I expect this article helped girlfriend understand how much water us need, and also how to make certain we’re hydrated. I hope her hamster is drinking sufficient water, and he’s happy.

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Remember, a very active hamster will certainly drink more water and an ext often, for this reason make sure you administer lots the water for him !

If you’d like, you can check out the other write-ups on here. You’ll find good info on just how to finest care because that hamsters, what kind of cage we need, and also how come tame among us.