Do you understand the difference in between a cornish hen and a continuous chicken? If friend don’t, climate you’re analysis the best article. To collection the difference between the two, cornish hen vs chicken, ns would prefer to compare your qualities.

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Cornish hen and a continuous chicken space two that the plenty of varieties of chicken. Since they’re both chickens, there are numerous very comparable qualities but there room plenty the sets this two varieties of chickens apart. Read on to understand more.

What is a Cornish Hen?


A Cornish hen is a chicken range which is a cross breed of White Rock and also Cornish chickens. This tiny chicken is additionally known as Rock Cornish hen or Cornish game hen. Sometimes, that is called a poussin, a French indigenous that refers to a young chicken the weighs not much more than 1.5 pounds.

Although the carries words hen in the name, it deserve to be sold either masculine or woman in grocery stores. In phibìc America, this meat is considered fancy because it’s much more expensive than regular chicken.

Cornish Hen vs Chicken: Age, Size, and Packaging


The age of processing for Cornish hens ranges between 5-6 main old. Your weight is not more than two pounds and also they’re often sold whole in frozen packages.

Meanwhile, chickens are classified based on their age. Their classifications incorporate broiler-fryer, roaster, and stewing chickens. Broiler-fryer has the age between 7-13 weeks and their weight arrays from 1.5-4 pounds.

Roasters room aged 3-5 months and weigh about 3.5-7 pounds. Chicken which are more than 10 months old are thought about as stewing chickens v a weight that range between 4 to 7 pounds.

Unlike Cornish hens, chickens can be packaged in numerous ways; such as whole, boneless, or drumsticks. Cornish hens can’t be offered boneless due to the fact that they’re too tiny to it is in deboned.

Cornish Hen vs Chicken: The Taste and also Cooking Process


Cornish hen tastes choose chicken due to the fact that it is still a chicken variety, just smaller. Because Cornish hens are younger 보다 chickens, they can be tender once cooked. However, they have actually a less assertive flavor as compared to chickens.

Since Cornish hens space small, they are suited for individual serving. Food preparation one whole Cornish hen because that one human offers a high sense of luxury. Grill or roast them whole or in half.

Let that sit in a lemony marinade or apply some spice rub. Girlfriend can develop a stuffing recipe the end from them, however be gentle since the skin might tear off.

Broiler-fryer chickens are very tender and they deserve to serve 3-4 persons. You can cook them in a most ways, like frying, broiling, and grilling.

Roasters are more flavorful than broiler-fryer chickens, therefore they are perfect for roasting. Stewing chickens have a tougher meat structure so you require to cook them gradually to produce stews and soups.

Cornish Hen vs Chicken: Nutrition

Since Cornish hens room younger than chickens, lock contain less fat and fewer calories. Lock also really lean as they created of an ext white meat than dark meat. The white meat is wealthy in niacin if the dark meat is rich is riboflavin.

All poultry room rich in protein which is necessary for the breakthrough of our muscles. They deserve to be a good source the B vitamin that help prevent cataracts, skin diseases, and also heart disorders. Vitamin D help strengthened the bone when Vitamin A is necessary for an excellent eyesight.

Preparation Ideas

Here space some preparation principles you deserve to do through Cornish hens and also chickens.

Juicy Roasted Cornish Hens


Make juicy roasted Cornish hen by seasoning the hens with spices and also olive oil. Bake them in a casserole dish through vegetables in ~ the bottom. You can watch exactly how it’s done in this video.

Chicken Stew


Cook chicken stew by sauteing some vegetables and stirring in the chicken broth and also tomatoes in a saucepan. Include the chicken breasts and also simmer till they’re cooked. Remove the chicken and continue simmering the liquid till thick and also return the meat to the stew.

Grilled Chicken


Make a grilled chicken by marinating them very first in a mixture the balsamic vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, brown sugar, spices, and herbs. Preheat the grill and grill the chicken till cooked thoroughly. Garnish with parsley come serve.


Between the Cornish hen and chicken, I prefer the chicken since they are really versatile, readily available, and less expensive.

Although Cornish hens have less fat and also fewer calories, you deserve to reduce the fat in the consistent chicken by no eating the skin and also by just eating the white meat. Cornish hens are perfect if you’re feeling luxurious and also have only a few people to feed.

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