Up because that Auction / Bols to dance Ballerina in yellow Liqueur & Rare original Box The dance Ballerina party is in terrific Condition. The initial Box is in Excellent problem Also. This bottle has actually never been opened. The original Seal is Intact and also still has the file over the cap. The height of the bottle still has actually the US internal Revenue party Stamp v the # 214355654. The stamp came loose and a item of tape was put roughly the party to organize stamp in place. The tape has turned yellow. Also on the stamp room the indigenous Jos. Garneau Co., Louisville, KY. Below the stamp is a sticker (Contents 1 Pint) and also on an original Gold wire tied about the neck of the bottle is a brand Erven Lucas Bols Anno 1575. The labels close to the bottom that the bottle reads Lucas Bols (Picture the Lucas) AO 1575, Bols Ballerina, single Distributors for the United states The Jos. Garneau Co., new York, N.Y. Yellow Liqueur. T are some words in a various language and Amsterdam Den. 1 January 1868. Erven Lucas Bols Signature, 1 Pint, Product the Holland 60 Proof. ~ above the bottom the the bottle space the words Bols Ballerina Bottle, Blue Danube Direction on just how to pat the music (See Picture). The music box plays perfectly. After girlfriend wind the music box set the bottle down on a level surface and the music starts to play. Inside the party is a Brunette Ballerina wearing a Red Tutu with a yellow Bodice and Gold Slippers. T are actual Gold Flecks Floating in the bottle. The initial Box has a map board insert to hold the party in place. ~ above the bottom of package is stamped make In France, and the words Blue Danube ( the song the music crate plays). The bottle Measures: 9 1/2" high x 4 3/4" throughout the Bottom x 13 3/4" in Diameter in ~ the largest part. Package Measures: 9 3/4" high x 5 " Wide. This listing adheres to Ebay rules on the sale of alcohol - The value of the article is in the collectible container, not its components - The container has not been opened and also any incidental materials are not intended for usage - The items is not available at any type of retail outlet, and the container has actually a value that considerably exceeds the existing retail price that the alcohol in the container - The seller will take all appropriate steps to ensure the the buyer is the lawful age in the buyer and also seller's jurisdiction (generally 21 year of age) - Buyers and also sellers both ensure that the sale complies with all applicable laws and shipping regulations. The is rarely to find the Bols Ballerina Bottle and the original Box Together. If you collect musical party or Bols items this will make a good addition to her collection. Payment Is Due within 7 Days. I expropriate Paypal, Money Order/Cashiers Checks. NO an individual CHECKS please . If payment is not obtained in 7 job (by Paypal) or 9 days (by Money Order) item will be relisted and a UID will be filed. The reason for this action is boost in no Payment by win Bidders. Many thanks For Looking in ~ My Auction.

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