Especially for those that love mix up a great cocktail, an exact bar measurement tool is a vitally important thing to have on hand. This is where a jigger comes in. A cocktail jigger, i m sorry is basically an alcohol measure up cup, is a clip at any bar.

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What is a jigger?

A cocktail jigger is a shot or cocktail measure up cup because that bartenders, ranging in size of 0.5-2.5 oz. Because that ease the use, countless jiggers have fill lines on the within or external with oft-used cocktail or shot glass measurements.

The indigenous jigger can additionally be supplied as a unit of measure in cocktail recipes. If you take place to come throughout a recipe that calls for a jigger (or jigger shot) of any type of spirit, that describes the conventional jigger size of 1.5 oz. Shot glasses come in assorted sizes, however a conventional shot glass is additionally 1.5 oz. Therefore in some instances, a jigger and a shot have the right to refer come the exact same thing. A smaller 1 oz shot, or the 1 oz side of the jigger, is described as a “pony shot.”

Types that Liquor Shots

Type the pour

Amount to pour (oz)

Amount to to water (ml)

Jigger Shot

1.5 oz

≈ 45 ml (44.36)

Pony Shot

1 oz

≈ 30 ml (29.57)

Double Shot

3 oz

≈ 90 ml (88.7)

Rocks Shot

2 oz

≈ 60 ml (59.14)

The invention of the cocktail jigger

For many years, the just alcohol measuring device was a smaller sized glass. The best means to measure up the quantity of spirit one was adding to a cocktail was through a 2 oz. Sherry glass. This resulted in inexact, messy pours from a glass the was not intended for measurement.

That all changed when the double-sided cocktail jigger was officially patented on September 5th, 1893 by a genius/hero called Cornelius P. Dungan in Chicago, IL. Dungan’s architecture of 2 different-sized cone forms on opposite end of the same vessel is tho a well-known design among many bartender jiggers in usage today.


Why is it dubbed a jigger anyway?

There is some debate as to where the surname ‘jigger’ comes from. It is often attributed to british sailors, who named their everyday allowance that booze ~ the jiggermast sails on their ships. The jiggermast is the smallest mast ~ above a ship, for this reason it deserve to be assumed the sailors supplied the nickname as a kind of grievance the their drink rations were a tiny light.


One of the really earliest referrals to this indigenous is the expression “Jiggar boss”, referenced in one 1836 book A stare of travels in the United says of America by wilhelm O’Bryan. This “boss” was a young boy that would lug a half gill of whiskey, called a jiggar, to irish canal employees a chuck 16 time a day! A half gill of whiskey is 2.5 oz, so follow to O’Bryan’s word, these human being were drink 40 oz the whiskey every day. A liter is 33.8 oz, so one of two people O’Bryan has his number off, or these males were obliterated drunk every day.

The other explanation is that the word jigger is just another form of words ‘thingamajig’. Meaning many didn’t know what the hell that was earlier then, or what to contact it. The word thingamajig originated about 1870, so it is feasible that cocktail jiggers space the factor for this phrase. What a claim to fame.

How to usage a cocktail jigger


Filling a cocktail jigger seems prefer a an easy enough task on the surface, however there are some finer points come remember to improve your speed and accuracy. Before you start we recommend that you equip your liquor bottles with afree flow bottle pourerfor added accuracy and to minimization spills when pouring.

Use two fingers to organize your jigger, either her thumb and index finger or your index and middle fingers v your palm facing upwards. This allows you come empty your jigger through a an easy turn of her wrist when it’s filled.Hold the jigger close to the pickled in salt of the glass you are going to be emptying that into. This conserves time and also eliminates the opportunity of spilling liquid while moving the jigger near the glass. Girlfriend don"t desire to to fill the jigger over her mixing glass or shaker because any type of spillage would get in your drink, which will throw off your recipe.How you hold the bottle you are pouring will depend on if it has actually a rate pourer or not. Hold bottles with speed pourers in ~ the neck to have the ability to stop pouring conveniently while bottles there is no pourers need to be held in the middle.Be sure to fill her jigger completely to the peak if you need the maximum lot of fluid it have the right to hold.Inexperienced mixologists can practice filling and also emptying your jigger come get an ext comfortable v the procedure by making use of an empty liquor party filled with water.

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Different styles of cocktail jiggers

Double Jigger



A Japanese jigger offers much more than simply its sleek look. Japanese-style jiggers room designed an ext angular 보다 a dual jigger, v a diluent diameter and more height. This renders them easier to to water from and also to be more exact. With a smaller diameter, a couple millimeters over your wanted pour is much less of a difference in liquid than with a wider cocktail jigger. Japanese jiggers also offer a few different liquor measurements on the inside rim the the hourglass design. This provides them the perfect bartender measuring cup for almost any quantity of liquor. They do require a little much more concentration to stop spillage once being poured into, though.