Our Chevy 454 lengthy Block Engine is on sale. This 7.4 liter engine is generally known together the "454 big Block". In 1970 the 454 was an initial introduced for use in the Chevy Corvette, quickly after it"s use extended to a long list that GM and Chevy applications. 454 electric motors have endured the test of time and also have remained in production for 4 decades and ended in the early on 2000s with their Generation 5 model. Our company has been remanufacturing this engine from its conception and throughout the years us have emerged a state that the art procedure and upgrades that boosts the longevity of every 454 lengthy block that we build. Unlike many rebuilt 454 engines, the parts, testing and also build procedure give our client an unsurpassed confidence in our product.

Price of engine will rise once in dare for the adhering to applications

70-90 Car/Lt. Truck - 2 Pc. Rear Seal: No Price Change96-00 #297 - 1 Pc. Rear Seal-Lt.Truck-6 Bolt Cover: $2,495.00

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WARRANTY main point INFO

Our precision remanufactured 454 block

Every Chevy 454 block have to pass our magnaflux investigate designed detect any type of microscopic flaws or cracking. Blocks are then heat cleaned adhered to by steel micro blasting till they accomplish a excellent appearance. Once a block is totally cleaned, we start our precision boring and honing process. Making use of a carbon two-stage power hone we can maximize the sealed area and also ensure to precisely meet the recommended RMA readings. Computerized micrometers are offered to resize rods with strict accordance to factory recommendations. Crankshaft"s space precision cut and also micro polished to achieve a 12 RMA analysis or better.

Custom 454 lengthy block assembly

We scrupulous mill every Cylinder Head till perfect alignment and sealing that the head gasket is achieved. Ours Cylinder Heads are assembled making use of a brand-new valve stem and also seals that feature the recent in high temperature technologies increasing warmth resistance and longevity. These refined Cylinder heads are press tested using magnetic detection to get rid of the possibility of crack or flaws unseen by the human eye. Prior to each head is mated your block utilizing the correct torque valve us vacuum test every seals for ideal seating. Triple angled cutters are provided to maker the valve seat ensuring appropriate pressures and flow. All valves, valve springs and also valve guides need to pass ours stringent procedure of meeting and exceeding OEM specifications. O.H.C. Heads room aligned for appropriate bore consistency. Every remanufactured long block has been especially engineered to aid improve the natural flaws and also failure clues that can be uncovered in numerous of today"s engines.


WARRANTY main point INFO Our precision remanufactured 454 block