1995 2 Dollar invoice Front

The 1995 2 Dollar invoice is not that beneficial unless you have a Star note, distinct serial number or uncover one v an error.As you deserve to see listed below from the amount the were printed, they space not really rare either.

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Series: 1995Denomination: $2 USDSeal Varieties: (1) GreenSignature Varieties: (1) mary Ellen Withrow - Robert E. RubinRegular Varieties: (1) AtlantaStar keep in mind Varieties: (12) Boston (A), brand-new York (B), Philadelphia (C), Cleveland (D), Richmond (E), Atlanta (F), Chicago (G), St. Louis (H), Minneapolis (I), Kansas City (J), Dallas (K), san Francisco (L)Regular note Printed: 153,600,000Regular Star note Printed: 1,280,000Millennium Star note Printed: 119,9881995 2 Dollar bill BackAll collection 1995 $2 bank notes room signed by Withrow and Rubin.Robert E. Rubin to be the Secretary that the Treasury and Mary Ellen Withrow to be the Treasurer of the united States.Similar come all eco-friendly seal $2 receipt from 1976 onward, the reverse features John Trumbull"s paint which depicts the breeze Declaration of independence being presented to Congress.There were 153,600,000 continuous 1995 2 dollar bills printed between August 1996 and November 1996.These federal Reserve notes were printed in fort Worth, Texas and also only issued to the financial institution of Atlanta.They have actually a serial number beginning with F, the prefix letter for Altanta, Georgia, and all end with either A or B depending on which block selection they fell into.96,000,000 were printed in block A and 57,600,000 in block B.

1995 $2 invoice Value

Most circulated $2 receipt from 1995 will certainly be worth their confront value the $2 uneven they have actually a serial number range that is unique.These arrays are generally refered to as ladder up (F12345678B), ladder under (F87654321B), low (F00000001B), high (F99999999B), birth year (F00001995B), etc. Over there are various other permutations of an important serial number ranges, but these are the key ones.An uncirculated 1995 $2 bill might be worth around $4+ depending upon quality. Checkout eBay for latest auction prices.You can find the a Mint State 63 great (MS63) would certainly be worth around $5.Star keep in mind varieties space worth the most. These have the right to fetch anywhere in the an ar of $400-$500 depending upon quality and serial number range.The Millennium Star notes space usually worth an ext than the regular worry Star notes.An uncirculated MS63 Millennium Star note could be worth approximately $45, conversely, an uncirculated regular issue MS63 Star keep in mind from the financial institution of Atlanta can be worth $15.

1995 2 Dollar invoice Star instead of Notes

1995 2 Dollar invoice Star instead of NoteThere were 1,280,000 regular concern Star instead of notes printed of the 1995 $2 bill. Castle were every issued because that the bank of Atlanta (F prefix).Another special problem of Star note from the BEP (Bureau that Engraving and Printing), recognized as Millennium notes, were published for collectors.Each of the twelve commonwealth Reserve banks were authorize a batch of 9,999 of these distinct Star notes.The serial numbers began with the prefixes A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L for each that the twelve banks, climate 2000 adhered to by a four digit number in between 0001 and 9999. Lock finished through a *.

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An instance serial number for a Millennium note for the federal Reserve financial institution of Cleveland, Ohio would be D 200 01976 *.

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