Old and sometimes faded and also folded copies of newspapers from the 1963 assassination of President john F. Kennedy keep turning up, and also I always get concerns from readers around how lot they are worth.

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I’ve even regulated to choose up a couple of from time to time in crate lots at auction, however I don’t proactively seek them out because usually they room not precious the trouble.

My answer to readers’ inquiries is the very same every time: depends on the newspaper, who desires it and the condition. This week, I acquired a inquiry from a reader about some assassination documents surrounding the deaths of chairman Kennedy and also his brothers Robert F. The reader had read a blog article I’d composed on the value of the assassination newspapers and how come go around disposing the them.

Philadelphia newspapers from the 1963 assassination of President man F. Kennedy. These came in a box many items ns bought in ~ auction.


I bought a home several years earlier and found a pile of newspapers from all throughout the country about the assassinations the both president Kennedy and also Robert Kennedy. They are in remarkable condition and also still have actually the original mail distribution tags top top them. They variety from brand-new York, Philadelphia, Chicago, etc. … I kept them in a dark closet ~ above a shelf yet have no idea what to execute with them.


You have actually two choices: market them or toss them. I would imply trying to sell them since they show up to be newspapers from significant cities in the country and are in great condition. Many world hoarded the president Kennedy assassination records as mementos and reminders of that awful day.

From mine research, big-city newspapers like the brand-new York time are amongst the ones that offer – even moreso if the chairman Kennedy assassination documents are indigenous Dallas (some copies of the Dallas Morning News were offering for $200 and more on eBay). His brother was killed in Los Angeles in June 1968, and also his files are likely not as valuable (his were offering for much less 보다 $50).

How lot the chairman Kennedy records sell for can likewise depend on the day of publication. Since you no mention any type of dates, ns wondered if they are all from the job of the assassination – because there were part afternoon publications and some morning newspapers that offered special editions – or the work after or 2 days later. The job of could perhaps be much more valuable. A maid in ~ a ft Worth, TX, hotel managed to gain the president to authorize a copy of the Dallas Morning News on the morning that Nov. 22, a few hours before the shooting.

I would imply you Google her newspapers and the dates to check out if any type of are offering on eBay or on sleeve sites on the web. If individual duplicates are selling well in those venues, friend may think about selling those individually and the rest as a lot or group. Or to conserve time, you could try selling them all as a lot on eBay.

Here space some blog write-ups I’ve written around newspapers and also their value:

The value of your JFK and also Obama newspapers

Since i’m no expert on newspapers, I uncovered someone who is. Timothy Hughes operates a website called rarenewspapers.com that sells historical newspapers. He’s to be collecting lock for an ext than 3 decades and also serves together a consultant come organizations. 

The precious of old newspapers as mementos

We all save them – the newspapers and also magazines chronicling historical occasions in the country. Sept. 11, 2001. People War II and also other wars. The assassinations the the Kennedys and also Dr. King. The an initial moon walk (the actual thing, not the Michael Jackson one). Obama as the an initial African American president. I started mulling ours penchant for conserving these relics after ~ finding a repertoire of old newspapers and also magazines in a box lot in ~ auction recently.

Copies the the brand-new York times on the 1963 assassination of chairman Kennedy (left) and also the Philadelphia evening Bulletin top top Robert F. Kennedy’s death in 1968. Photos native eBay auctions that both newspapers.

Readers ask about Fred Wesley’s lyrics & Kennedy newspapers

Question: I recently uncovered two papers at an legacy sale. One is an international NY times from Paris Nov. 23, 1963. The other is in French. They both talk around JFK’s killing with huge photos and also they both were in glass frames and well-preserved. No rips, tears, simply yellow in color. I uncovered the English one on eBay that marketed for $200 and it looked crappy. However I can’t find out anything about the French one.

Answer: I haven’t come across any foreign newspaper accounts of john F. Kennedy’s assassination at my auctions, however the French one sound intriguing.

Readers ask about Bazooka comics, wheels & newspapers

Question: I have actually a complete brand-new York everyday News dated August 15, 1945, through its headline announcing the finish of WWII in mint condition. Ago then, the file cost 2 cents. I wonder the value of this newspaper today.

Question: I have a brand-new York time newspaper, complete, great condition, date November 23, 1963, all about Kennedy’s assassination and with every the pictures. … does anyone know what this could be worth?

Answer: I’d imply you always very first try eBay to see what your newspapers are selling for or if they are offering at every in that gigantic flea market.

Readers ask around Coke, newspapers and also books

Question: I have a hardcover publication of the Philadelphia windy Ledger for the whole month that September 1935. Any kind of idea what this is? 23″ long and also 17″ vast and approximately 4″ thick. Haven’t to be able come get any info on this.

Answer: space there any kind of markings or a manufacturer’s surname on the covering of the binder or on any type of inside pages or on the spine? Look very closely to check out if yes anything that can offer a clue regarding who bound the papers. The should offer you a place to begin on the web to discover out more about the papers. The bound papers may have belonged come the newspaper’s library or a publicly library. Prior to microfilm, newspapers bound old duplicates for research.

Saving Bin Laden newspapers

I got an email yesterday top top the day of the country’s rejoicing end Osama Bin Laden’s death from a man who had a newspaper v news that the killing. The was reasoning strategically: “I have actually the newspaper native Cincinnati, Ohio, once Barak was made president. Can anyone call me if it is precious anything. I have actually also gathered the record for Bin Laden. What will this it is in worth end time?” when I review the email, mine quick response to their value was “not much.” Or “not any more than the 50 cent you paid because that each of them.” These 2 historical events were too new, I claimed to myself. 

Need to discover the worth of an item? try eBay, climate Google

Readers regularly ask me what your items room worth, yet I can’t market them a quick answer because I have none. I often wondered why they didn’t shot eBay first, because that’s where millions the transactions take place daily. A friend pointed out to me, though, the most people think of eBay as a ar to buy and sell, no to assess value. Ns hadn’t thought of that, due to the fact that I use both eBay and also Google all the moment to identify “market value” – or what someone is willing to pay for an item at a given allude in time – not appraisal worth for insurance money purposes.

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Tips ~ above figuring out what your stuff is worth

I got an e-mail recently from a woman who had three watercolors through MC “Five Cent” Jones that her parents had actually bought two decades ago. Her mommy is 91 years old, and the daughter wanted to sell them to help pay for she expenses. Those the value of these paintings by Jones, she asked. And how might she go around selling them? I’m starting to gain a most those kinds of emails, i beg your pardon is good. It speak me that human being are gift conscientious about determining the worth of points they own and not simply trashing them through nary a thought. I’m not an appraiser so i didn’t have an answer for them. But I execute conduct study on the items ns write around in mine blog, so I have the right to offer suggestions.