The minimum 1940 quarter value is $3.80. A fair price for an old coin that is normally found relatively worn.



In fact, $3.80 is closer to the silver value of the quarter. As a collectible it often goes higher.

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Let"s examine your coin for two things that may uncover a higher value. First, does your coin have the "D" mintmark? A small mark on the reverse indicating the Denver mint.

The 1940-D quarter is worth a premium value above the Philadelphia, and San Francisco "S" mint coins.

Secondly, the state of preservation of your coin. Is it tired and worn looking or crisp and sharp, standing out from the rest?

Condition is key to price and desirability of Washington quarters. You can get an idea of where your coin is on the value chart by comparing it to the "Grading" images below.

"1940-D" on the coin value chart is a Washington quarter minted in 1940 at the Denver Mint.

The adjacent image is of the reverse, indicating the mintmark location. A small “S” in this area indicates your coin was minted at the San Francisco mint.

1940 Quarter Value Rising With Condition

The highest priced Washington quarters are always the "Uncirculated" examples, the first image. Descending to the lowest value "Good" condition quarters. Most collectors eventually replace these "Good" coins with a finer example.


Uncirculated: The top grade in both quality and value, requires close examination to confirm. Inspect the highest points of design and the fine details for evidence of wear. It is most noticeable as a dulling of the surface and breaks in the mint luster.


Extremely Fine: The lightest of wear and abrasion begins to show in the hair and curls over Washington"s ear. Minute details have disappeared and mint luster is absent from the neck and cheek. This quarter is worn, but very lightly.


Fine: Still a respectable coin despite moderate wear. The hair and curls now show only major details. The neck and chin are worn to the point of merging. However the rim and date are clearly separated.

Good: The rim is the indicator at this grade. It has blended slightly with the lettering and date. Washington"s portrait is still strong but lacking most detail. This quarter has experienced years of circulation.

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Washington Quarters Value

Check your coins with the values chart. Most of the silver Washington quarters value is tied closely to the price of silver. However, a few rare dates and mintmarks are very valuable.

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1940 Quarter Auction Value Over $2000

$2,050 was the sale price of an amazing 1940-D quarter. Best described as a very well struck coin with no evidence of handling marks.

Teletrade Coin and Currency Auctions sold this blazing white, exceptionally well preserved quarter.

Handle your high end coins gently, new levels are being set for the 1940 quarter value.

Dealer and Auction listings are fun and informing. Judge your old quarters conservatively, they are doing fine in the marketplace.