1931 coin value contains the premium san Francisco mint issue. Three mints: Philadelphia, the main mint and two branch mints: Denver and also San Francisco produced wheat cent in 1931.

Step one to identifying your coin is recognizing the mint mark. Complied with by a second step; judging condition. A see of the worth chart highlights the large differences both mint mark and grade have. Very prized, scarce and also in demand, grading condition is vital to value.

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Steps bring about Value:

Step 1: Date and Mintmark variety – recognize each date and its mintmark variety.Step 2: Grading problem – Judge condition to determine grade.Step 3: Special attributes – certain elements either boost or detract native value. Close inspection provided to the 1931-S issue.
1931 Lincoln coin ValueCondition of CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1931 Lincoln Penny worth Up-Dated2021
1931$0.39 $0.67 $2.94 $14
1931 D$2.77 $4.56 $11 $32
1931 S$31 $55 $65 $84

Completing a procedure of put a worth on 1931 pennies involves:

Date | Mint note | Condition

1931 is a year of two premium varieties. Both branch mints issues are scarce and also climb easily in value when uncovered in high condition. Find a close enhance of condition by comparing come the pictures in the grading section below.

San Francisco mint concern 1931 is the leader in value. Adhered to by the Denver mint pennies. First step: confirm the mint the struck her coin.

Step 1: | Date and also Mintmark Combination

Identify the crucial 1931 Varieties

Special factor to consider is offered to all 1931 wheat coin varieties. It is the fourth lowest total mintage year in the series. 24,742,000 cent were coined in 1931. Majority of mint manufacturing was committed to yellow coinage in ~ the time. A vital date and mintmark cent is the mountain Francisco issue.

1931 Lincoln Penny

No Mintmark Under Date: Philadelphia Mint struck the Coin


1931 Philadelphia cents space somewhat abundant on a rarity scale. Bulk of those available today space well worn. Significant is the rise in value for any with just minor wear to the surface. These easy worn coins space infrequently found.

All larger pennies room prone to turning a dark color, lowering its satisfaction golden-red copper light of a brand-new cent. A circulated coin, despite losing that is brightness as soon as toned a light tan to warm brown is well obtained by collectors.

1931-D Lincoln Penny

"D" Mintmark Under Date: Denver Mint win the Coin


Collectors location a premium value on these Denver mint cents. Low mintage number (4,480,000 struck) linked with the popular of Lincoln cents shows solid values in all grades of condition.

A nice satisfaction coin reflects a defined bow tie and defined hair ~ above Lincoln"s portrait. Alarm to transformed date: inspect the number of the date for any uneven spacing. Editing and enhancing a 1930-D come a 1931-D in an effort deceive.

1931-S Lincoln Penny

"S" Mintmark Under Date: san Francisco Mint struck the Coin


San Francisco produced the second lowest numbers of wheat cents of any year or variety in 1931. These are considered by collectors together a key date. 866,000 was the full struck. All grades of problem are of interest to collectors. Worn instances appeal to start collectors, a scarce date with under 1 million minted.

Grading problem becomes crucial to value. Watch the image examples of qualities below. Coins without wear to the surface are compared with coins displaying wear.

Alert to transformed Dates: A close see of the day is required to check a genuine 1931-S. Under magnification, the area about the date should no show any kind of signs the disturbance. A 1930-S or 1936-S with components of the numbers removed were candidates to alter in an effort to develop a scarce 1931-S.

Step 2: | Judge condition to recognize Grade

Identify problem to 1931 coin Value

Value is additional refined by problem of a coin. Preservation of devices, legends, and fields are inspected regarding condition. Lincoln"s portrait is high in profile and also subject come wear. Step of wear room identified and also a grade is determined.

Grading pennies requires close inspection of small areas; a magnifying glass is useful. If a magnifying glass is not available, photo is regularly taken and used to enlarge vital points.


Uncirculated Grade: An uncirculated great Lincoln penny never gone into circulation. Issued native the mint come the banking institutions and also then conserved at that time. No wear to the surface specifies the mint state grade.

High points of the style are examined because that traces that wear. Lincoln"s cheek just below the eye and extending come his ear is prominent, subject to very first contact. A mint state instance is covered with mint luster. His cheek, holy place area above, and jaw listed below would undertake quickly. Research for any smoothing of this surfaces, a readjust of texture from bordering areas, shows wear.

Mint luster is the initial bright of a new minted copper coin. Delicate in nature and also since the is copper, susceptible to change from bright come shades that tan and brown. A readjust of color and also smooth blending is expected and does not show wear. Initial texture that the cheek is noticeable below any kind of toning on an uncirculated wheat cent.

Extremely good Grade: A center flattening that the highest parts of Lincoln, his cheek, temple, and jaw suggests a wheat cent in exceptionally Fine grade. Vital in reaching the class is any flatness and loss of detail remains unconnected native on area come the next.

Only the highest locations of the style are viewed with proof of wear. Lincoln"s cheek is simply slightly worn, only removing the really top that the contour. A separation indigenous his ear remains and a characterized cheek is listed below Lincoln"s eye. Notification a depression and contours in between the cheek and jaw.

A quite light and also even brown toning consist of the instance penny. Toning is highlighted with varying shades bringing the end the major elements that the design. A interlocutor "look" is vital to represent the exceptionally fine grade. Collectors assembling a repertoire of circulated wheat cents seek eye appeal. Light wear, circulated sets, room a renowned theme and also enjoys a solid demand of these old coins.

Fine Grade: Wear is middle to hefty covering the cheek and jaw on a wheat penny in fine grade. However, all major details space bold. Locations of style are beginning to attach due to the palliation in profile.

Across Lincoln"s challenge the contours of cheek and also jaw room just beginning to merge. A small depression is separating the flatness the his cheek native jaw. A slight merging of the temple and also the currently flattened cheek is beginning.

A mark totally free surface to add appeal to a coin in fine grade. Preventing noticeable damages sets any type of coin apart. Irradiate brown toning through clear legends are including to that charm. Part of the challenge enjoyed by collectors is detect a satisfaction circulated wheat cent.

Good Grade: Lincoln"s file is now worn almost smooth. In the "Good" great most major detail defining facial elements are missing.

A as soon as pronounced cheek and also temple area above is now smooth and also connected. Totally flat is the chin and also jaw now connecting through his cheek. Due to the high relief of the as whole design and also lettering, these beforehand wheat pennies in the good grade still retain boldness and also appeal to plenty of collectors.

Heavy wear does diminish a high value. Appeal to new collectors, due to the fact that of staying bold elements and affordability, forms a base supporting demand. A 1931 penny is "old" and still a sought-after coin regardless of its wear.

Video | Grading Lincoln Wheat Pennies

Grading Lincoln Wheat Pennies proceeds the process of evaluate condition. Video, images, and descriptions are offered to specify important suggest to the obverse and also reverse.

Step 3: | Special characteristics Enhancing Value

Identify market Appeal of 1931 Penny

Collectors underpin worths of Lincoln wheat cents. Their collecting preferences decide if a coin has actually a strong market appeal. Advanced collectors emphasis on mint state instances of a date and mint when circulated wheat pennies are famous with the brand-new and young collector.

Circulated wheat cents space affordable, start collectors construct their choices and skills of recognizing quality once assembling sets. An abilities are sleek to identifying fine struck coins, pleasing color toning, and solid grade examples.

A 1931-D wheat cent represents a semi-key and an useful addition come a set. Low original mintage plus progressed age locations the coin together elusive.

With a higher premium involved, a heavy "all there" coin is very closely chosen. A few factors was standing out together appealing to the instance 1931-D penny.

Nice well balanced toning is a strong an initial impression. Soft browns and lighter shades of color enhance details. Lack of marks boosts the quality appearance the the coin. Light wear is noted; however, Lincoln"s portrait, legends, and date room bold.

Considering all aesthetics plus evenness of light wear, it is a top quality coin. A skillful an option with sector appeal and also solid value.


US Mint. 1932 united state Mint annual Report https://nnp.wustl.edu/library/publisherdetail/51

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Lincoln Penny value Chart

Lincoln Wheat cents expectancy the year 1909 v 1958. Indigenous the top problem coins collected by advanced collectors come worn examples; come an affordable collection for young collectors, the variety of value is extensive. Identify your date, mint and condition and refer come the worth chart.

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How to gain the ideal Value once Selling Wheat Pennies

As through all marketing processes; arranging the coins in a manner a dealer can efficiently asses your worth aids in return to you. Selling a couple of or numerous wheat pennies for the finest value beginning by separating the coins right into "market categories" for consideration by the dealer.

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US coin value charts covering cents come gold. Identify your coins utilizing the photo links. Date | Mintmarks | condition are described and also imaged through each series. Small details crucial to accurately value room described.