As we near the finish of the Indian Head Penny-era, the coins become easier come find. The 1891 Indian Head coin fits this mold and is no the priciest of every Indian Heads. Still, the coin is a an important part of any kind of complete collection and is one every collector would choose to acquire their hands on. Of course, collectors favor that these coins are in exceptionally well-preserved condition, of which very few are.

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Unlike Indian heads from the 1860s, later editions were much more readily kept and also therefore an ext survived the years. Still, finding this coins in great condition is no basic task.

Grading the 1891 Indian Head Penny

The problem of coins together old together the 1891 Indian Head Penny method everything come collectors. Though this edition is one that is essential in order come complete any type of collection, it is always preferred that the coin added to your particular collection is one that has been kept in pristine problem over the years.

An official way of evaluate the problem of an 1891 Indian Head coin is well-known as grading. Grading is frequently executed through a professional service, yet through the specifications listed below you can assist gain a rough idea that what coins that a certain grade will certainly look like.

Uncirculated: Uncirculated 1891 Indian Head Pennies are the ideal of the best. These coins were never ever exchanged and also instead were retained in a safe location throughout their entire existence. Together such, the photos on both political parties of the coin have actually been perfectly preserved, for this reason too has the structure of the coin. The one flaw you will certainly find much more often than no is that the coin’s luster will have worn far a bit because of aging.

Extremely Fine: A coin that this grade was circulated, but its time in circulation was minimal and also so too are the indications of wear and tear you will see. While part scratching will be present, the is just visible upon close examination. The coin’s structure will have been mostly maintained, though the luster will certainly be virtually non-existent in ~ this point.

Fine: an 1891 Indian Head in Fine problem saw a great amount of time in circulation, yet is relatively well-preserved. Plenty of scratching is maybe to be seen, yet the coin’s images are tho there and can it is in made the end without too much trouble. Coins the this grade will certainly have had some the the structure worn away, and also the shine will certainly be no more.

Good: an 1891 Indian Head in an excellent condition is one the was greatly circulated v the years. It will display ample indications of wear and tear i beg your pardon can encompass anything indigenous chipping, to scratching, to also a mix of the two. Several of these coins will certainly be bent and also almost every one of them will have actually smooth deals with due to plenty of years of trading hands.

Pricing the 1891 Indian Head Penny

If friend would choose to know how much you might expect to pay because that the 1891 Indian Head, look no additional than the problem the coin is in. As is typically the case, the much better the condition the an ext a collector will certainly pay for the coin. With more recent (“newer” gift a relative term) Indian Heads, however, the price you will pay because that one in pristine problem is nowhere close to that of a pristine coin from previously years. The chart below will provide you a bit much more of specific idea as to what you could pay because that an 1891 Indian Head Penny.

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1891 Indian Head Penny

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