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If you’re spring to protect against an strike of the munchies, grabbing a serving of nuts is a great way to fill her hand — nuts save on computer fiber, protein, and also heart-healthy fats. Yet that doesn’t median you have to start eating almonds every day lengthy — even healthy snacks have to be spend in moderation.

You might’ve heard the usual recommendation to stick come a grasp of nuts per day, i m sorry is around an ounce. However that’s pretty vague: What dimension hand are we talk about, anyway? and how numerous almonds — and also other nuts — are in a one-ounce serving?

Read ~ above to uncover out how plenty of nuts you need to pour out into your hand — and also to watch quick and easy photos of serving sizes because that each type of nut. (Keep in mind that nuts vary in size and weight, so these pictures are just a general guideline.)

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1. Almonds


It takes about 23 almonds to make up an ounce, which will acquire you aboutsix grams the protein. Bonus: A recentstudysuggested the almonds are certainly a filling, healthy and balanced option that don’t necessarily reason weight gain. (As always, section control is key.)

2. Cashews


About 18 cashews will certainly yield a one-ounce serving, andabout 157 calories. Aboriginal to coastal Brazil, cashews belong come the same family as the mango and also pistachio nut.

3. Walnuts


You’ll hold around 14 walnut halves to obtain an ounce, which will net youabout 185 caloriesand more than 4 grams of protein. Go for walnuts with their skins intact —their skins are believed to save the phenols, which space thought to provide numerous wellness benefits.

4. Macadamias


Coveted for their sweet, buttery flavor, macadamia nuts are among the fattiest of every nuts — and also the tastiest. You’ll want to pour about 10 to 12 right into your palm because that one ounce, whichadds up to about 204 calories.

5. Hazelnuts


Hazelnuts are great for an ext than just making Nutella. They contain a far-reaching amount of vitamin E, providing practically 20 percent of the everyday recommended intake. It’ll take around twenty-one hazelnuts to make one ounce, and that’lladd up to around 178 calories.

6. Pistachios


Pistachios do a great, gratifying snack because you deserve to eat so plenty of of castle — if friend buy castle in the shell, you deserve to occupy yourself for fairly some time together you crack 49 that them open to gain your ounce. Grand total:159 calories.

7. Pecans


Ah, pecans. A grasp of around 19 halves will certainly net friend one oz andabout 196 calories. Fun fact: Pecans room the only tree nut that is indigenous to the joined States.

8. Brazil Nuts


Keep an eye on especially close eye on part control below — simply six Brazil nuts (give or take) it s okay you to your one-ounce serving, and to187 calories. They alsocontain a far-ranging amount that selenium, follow to the nationwide Institutes of Health.

9. Peanuts


Peanuts might not be the an initial thing that pertained to mind as soon as you think that protein, but one oz — or around 42 peanuts — containsmore than 7 grams(and around 161 calories).

The Bottom Line

Raw, unsalted nuts room a an excellent choice for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

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As with any kind of other foods, you just want to store an eye on portion control — friend don’t desire to eat a entirety bag that chips in one sitting, nor perform you desire to eat a whole bag of nuts, even if they’re healthier. All you need is twenty-three almonds to obtain to an ounce.