Pontoon watercrafts are made in different way than a typical monohull boat. Due to the fact that of this, human being often wonder how hard it is to trailer them and how lot they weigh.

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In this article, we’ll provide you through the ultimate pontoon weight overview so that you’ll know exactly what you deserve to trailer and what you can’t trailer.

Here’s how Much Pontoon watercrafts Weigh:

Pontoon boats typically have a dried weigh approximately 120 pounds every foot. A 25-foot pontoon boat will typically weigh about 3,000 pounds. The weight also depends on the engine size. The fuel tank have the right to also include several hundred pounds come the total weight when the pontoon boat is prepared to go.

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9 Pontoon watercraft Weight Examples

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9 Pontoon watercraft Weight Examples

Pontoon boats come in many different sizes and also styles therefore the weight deserve to vary widely based on this. Also, part pontoon boats will have actually larger engines 보다 others.

This additionally adds to the load and much more often than not, a pontoon boat’s engine will include a far-reaching amount of load to the boat.

To illustrate exactly how much a pontoon watercraft might weigh, let’s take a look at some examples of pontoon boats.

1) The Retreat 230 RFL (Lowe)


A contemporary pontoon boat consists of 2 to 3 aluminum pontoons which space connected along with aluminum overcome members. These cross members room both welded and also screwed to the basic pontoons.

On top of these cross members is a flat deck.

This deck is usually created of 3/4 inch marine grade plywood. The plywood requirements to be completely waterproofed prior to it is attached to the cross members. This can be done v fiberglass and other waterproofing materials.

The deck will typically be covered with maritime carpeting as well. This carpeting is designed to be resistant come mold and also mildew. Typically, it will certainly be coated with a UV coating as well.

Decks will likewise feature aluminum rails as well as matching aluminum doors. These watercrafts will usually feature a bimini optimal as well.

Pontoon watercrafts will typically include a big outboard motor the is affixed come an aluminum transom mount. If there is only one outboard motor, it will be center-mounted.

Otherwise, the engines can be an installed at the end of different pontoons.

Other than the engines and also the fuel tanks, none of these materials are heavy in and of themselves. However, a huge amount the aluminum and wood decking an unified with the load of the engines can make these watercrafts quite hefty when compared to an ext traditional aluminum boats.

On optimal of this, the pontoon boat’s trailer will carry some load to it as well. This trailers space usually make of aluminum for this reason luckily they won’t add too much weight to the total.

Final Thoughts

When looking right into pontoon watercraft weights, you’ll want to take into consideration both the dried weight and the load of the watercraft after it has had the engine and any other options included to it. Also, think about the fuel tank together well. A full fuel tank can include several hundreds pounds to a boat. This is especially true on larger pontoon boats that may have actually fuel tanks of up to 60 gallons.

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In the event that you perform decide to add gear or adjust engines, you’ll likewise want to know the dry weight. This will aid you decision whether or no you’ll be able to upgrade come a larger engine in the future.