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I think there are some movie books that have weight / height..? Whether or not they're accurate or remotely realistic is another story. But I don't think there's anything really in-depth like that, especially for every continuity. Maybe I'm totally missing something though.
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Everyone? Not that I'm aware of. AFAIK, there isn't even a collection of heights, which is also incredibly inconsistent, not just with each other or logic, but even across various sources of the same fiction. Weight is a funky thing as it is, since it's largely irrelevant in terms of storytelling, in fact, contradictory for some Transformers even in the best of times, their weight is essentially what the story wants it to be. Megatron in gun mode can be used by a single human one handed, but in robot mode weighs tons. Broadside is an aircraft carrier, yet can do anything in robot mode without sinking into the ground or crushing everything underneath him. Then there's a more scientific problem, weight is mass multiplied by gravity. Gravity in most contexts are a set factor, but against several cartoon casts isn't a set number, G1 Decepticons, Car Robots, even the Beast Wars Neo characters, it's zero or even a negative number at will, as they fly without effort. (Yes, it's explicitly mentioned in Beast Wars Neo that they have gravity control and that's how every member flies, similar in an early G1 storybook, Megatron says he has Gravity control circuits) IDW in 2017 did the Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook, which gave heights and weights for several characters. There's movie books that give information for movie characters, I would assume somewhere they included weights FOC had some articles and gave some enormous measurements as well, which were absurdly huge. Prime had some arbitrary weights assigned to them at some point. A big part of this goes back to the fundamental problem of scale as well. Blast-off should be able to fit all the combaticons within his cargo area with ease; yet his robot mode and the robot mode of a police motorcycle were the same! Some of the Constructicons in robot mode should be bigger then Menasor by a substantial margin. Bumblebee shouldn't be much taller then a Seekers ankle. Every Autobot car and jet could easily fit just on the launch deck of Broadside with room to spare. This is a problem across all fiction, though some hide it better then others. Without scale to give some meaning to the mass, you can't have the mass part of the weight calculation. Fluctuating mass means fluctuating weight. So, given that weight is mass times gravity, some Transformers must change mass to be compatible with their peers and environment and some (even in the same prior group) can control the pull of gravity on their bodies, weight becomes incalculable and ultimately arbitrary.