I have someone questioning me because that a wedding cake. She wants three different round cakes. The cakes will serve 100-150 people and the suggest she emphasized was it being basic to slice and also share. Would 2 11x3 inch cakes weigh 4 kg? i haven"t baked big cake prior to so I"m not sure around the weight. I typically use a an easy vanilla cake recipe for the base and also cream cheese for the icing. Here is the beer-selection.com recipes in case it matters:

4 egg 1 and 1/2 cup sugar 1 cup oil 1 cup buttermilk 2 and also 1/2 cup flour 2 and also 1/2 tsp baking flour 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp vanilla powder

cake pan measurements
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"I haven't baked large cake before" standard wisdom claims that you're going to should make this recipe at the very least once before the key production run. You must be sure that the recipe scales, that your oven can take it, that it will turn out well, etc. As component of that ready you can additionally weight the end result and calculation how countless you'll need.
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It is a concern of scaling.

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In conversation you told united state the provided recipe to be for a 23 cm pan.I"ll ignore elevation for now, assuming the same elevation for every pan sizes, due to the fact that that have the right to be changed in a 2nd step.

The math:

The cake batter because that round cakes filling a cylinder.The volume of i beg your pardon is base circle area x height, ignore elevation as declared above.The formula of a circle is pi x r2. As pi is constant, ignore it.So for scaling, friend only need to look at the radius (1/2 diameter) that the pans - or even the diameters.

Divide the desired diameter (or radius) by the initial one and square the result.

-> use that value to multiply all ingredients.

Further adjustments:

Height scales straight - because that a cake that is 1.5 times as high as the original, you require 1.5 time the batter etc.

So for her question:

To go from a 23cm / 9in cake to a 28cm / 11in cake, you require (28/23)2 = 1.48 times the original recipe.

My an individual gut feeling: 3 of those won"t feeding 100-150 guests.

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An competent cake baker girlfriend of mine says one egg per five guests as soon as making sponge wedding cakes like chocolate or vanilla (not timeless Buritsh fruit cakes, which is the norm wherein I come from)

I"m in the same boat, of food preparation my very first wedding cake for 150 guests, and I"ll it is in making a 30-egg cake on the basis.

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You space asking around weight. A cake pretty much weighs the very same as the sum of its ingredients (maybe some slightly evaporation indigenous the buttermilk).There are plenty of cost-free cup to gram converters on the internet, just use among those to acquire an idea how close you room to your 4 kg goal. An egg weighs around 60 - 80 g, yet it depends on the size.

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So, here"s is what i did:

I did calculate the volume the the cake pan I wanted to use (37 x 5 cm) and the one the recipe calls for (23 x 4 cm), many thanks to
Stephie"s answer. Indigenous the ratio, i figured just how much batter is required to to fill the 37 cm cake pan. As for the baking that the huge cake, i did take
Joe"s advice, supplied an old towel and a tin deserve to opened indigenous both sides in location of flower nail. The other allude
Joe pointed out was longer baking time in lower temperature, I typically bake the cake the the initial recipe for 35 minutes in 180 C therefore I lessened the temperature come 150 and baked the large cake for 50-55 minutes. It turned out just like the tiny cakes.


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