Choosing a towel based upon touch or softness alone have the right to be misleading. Many towels room made with added softeners the make them show up fluffy and luxurious in stores⁠ — yet these softeners easily wash off, leaving you with a coarse and also rough towel.

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One the the keys to a towel"s durability and long life is having double stitching in ~ its hems approximately all edge to cut down on future fraying. Usually, you deserve to tell even if it is a towel is well-made by poignant it, however that can not it is in an alternative if you"re shopping online.

The next finest indicator of whether a towel to be stitched for longevity is the weight. Generally, a towel"s weight signals what the towel to be made from and also how it to be manufactured. The more heavier a towel is, the greater its quality and also the much more absorbent it will be. However depending top top what you plan to usage your towel for, the most heavy option can not it is in the best fit for her purposes.

So whether you"re a house decorator do the efforts to pick the perfect bathroom towel to wow visitors or a hospitality manager in search of the sturdiest hotel towels to buy in bulk, usage this guide to towel weight to leveling your towel search.

How to pick the Perfect Towel

If you"re constantly having actually to purchase brand-new towels because the old ones couldn"t endure a solitary day in ~ the beach without fraying or stiffening, you"re probably buying low-quality towels. The true test of a towel"s high quality is the weight. This is because of the numerous factors that contribute to that is weight, such together the material it"s do from, exactly how it"s stitched and also its object count. To help you choose the perfect towel, we"ll discuss all this aspects, as well as how to take treatment of your perfect towel as soon as you"ve found it. 


A towel"s weight is measured using the grams per square meter (GSM) system, i beg your pardon calculates the thickness of the towel. A lower GSM native 300 come 400 means the bath towel is light and thin, if a greater GSM from 450 come 900 suggests a heavier, more thickness towel. Together a basic rule, a greater GSM makes a more absorbent towel the will carry out its primary role of mopping liquids up better overall.


If a towel weighs less than 400 GSM, it is very thin and also portable. Such lightweight towels are an excellent for a quick day expedition to the lake or save on computer in stuffed gym bags. Because that fulfilling roles favor that of a hand bath towel or guest towel, it is finest to obtain a towel that is at the very least 400 GSM. Because that a an ext heavy-duty job like a bath towel, friend will desire a towel with a higher GSM that 500 or more.

Here is a breakdown of the main categories of towel weights and what castle are best used for: 

300 GSM to 400 GSM: Because this towels room the most lightweight, they dry the quickest after being used. These towels" fast-drying nature renders them perfect for traveling or any kind of other time you don"t want to need to put a wet towel in your bag. 400 GSM to 620 GSM: A little bit sturdier 보다 lighter towels, towels in ~ this medium-weight group serve as good bath towels or guest towels. As towels technique the higher end of the medium range, they become increasingly absorbent and thick.620 GSM come 900 GSM: Towels that fall within the highest possible tier of GSM at 620 come 900 are related to as the premium deluxe weight. This towels are the thickest and also most absorbent, and also they have the highest density you have the right to find. 



If you want to make sure your bath towel does not lose its softness after the first wash, the material is the most important factor come consider. Do a allude of check a towel"s label prior to purchasing to confirm it"s make from 100% cotton. Cotton is the desired towel material because of cotton fibers" natural ability to lure water and also take in almost 25 time its weight in liquid. 

Polyester is occasionally used to make towels, but it is not an absorbent or soft material. Polyester does dry fast, so it deserve to be useful in the kitchen or at the gym. Various other than that, you may not desire to buy countless polyester towels.

Although the majority of towels room made indigenous cotton, the texture and also appearance of the towel vary depending on which kind of cotton it"s do from. Below are the main species of cotton offered to create towels and also what renders them unique:


Egyptian cotton: Egyptian cotton has fibers that room finer, much longer and more porous than consistent cotton fibers. These attributes make Egyptian cotton an ext absorbent, dense, strong and far better able to host moisture than other towels.Turkish cotton: Similar to Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton has actually extra-long yarn that rise its luxuriousness, absorbency and also durability. Back slightly less absorbent than Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton is tho a premium product able come endure lot wear and tear while maintaining its softness.Supima cotton: Supima cotton, likewise known as Pima cotton, is hailed as the cashmere of cotton. Pima cotton has actually extra-long fibers that make the a soft, solid and absorbent towel material. That durability renders it every the much more valuable since it won"t wear out quickly.Organic cotton: To be certified together an necessary material, organic noodle must fulfill the global Organic Textile typical (GOTS). This method towels developed from organic cotton are totally free from toxicity pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. As well as that, necessary cotton supplies the same functions as constant cotton.Bamboo: Often mixed with cotton or other materials, bamboo is an extremely soft, high-quality, natural and eco-friendly fiber. It absorbs well and dries easily — two of the greatest features for a towel. Bamboo also has antibacterial qualities, an interpretation it"s resistant come germs, mold and mildew.


Thread Count

Once you"ve decided what kind of towel product is right for you based on your application and also budget, it"s time to explore thread count and style. Thread count is the ax that describes how plenty of threads things contains, both horizontally and vertically, per square customs of material. A greater thread count method a bath towel has much more supportive fibers, making the softer and more durable than towels with lower thread counts.


Thread counting is important due to the fact that the number and also length of loops a towel contains reflects the top quality of the towel. Denser loops show the towel was made native thick, tightly packed loops that will certainly make it more absorbent than towels v looser stitching. 

Thread count is not quite as simple as it may seem due to the fact that it deserve to be impacted by how the product was manufactured when the towel was made. Because that example, Egyptian cotton towels have extra-long object that immediately increase a towel"s absorbency there is no needing to have actually a staggering variety of stitches. Because that this reason, it"s necessary to think around thread count, stitching method and product when shopping because that towels.

Here are some thread formats to take right into account prior to committing come a towel:

Combed: as soon as cotton assets are thought about combed, it method their fibers were combed to gain rid of any type of short or unwanted threads so just the long, solid cotton object remain. This an approach results in soft, sturdy towels and also prevents pilling.Ringspun: v both short and long fibers, ringspun towels use tightly twisted fibers to produce a smoother and stronger yarn. By consisting of all the object in the process, ringspun towels become an ext plush and also luxurious than most varieties of towels.Terry cloth: contradictory to microfiber, terry cloth is written of thick, uncut loops that material. The large loops provide terry towel a higher amount of surface area, boosting its absorbency. Terry cloth towels make from noodle are specifically absorbent and soft.


Along through weight, material and thread count, the size of a towel may play a far-ranging role in help you determine which towel to purchase. Relying on what you plan to use your bath towel for, girlfriend will need a bigger or smaller sized amount that material. Because that example, you might want a tiny microfiber bath towel for effectively holding cleaning spray once wiping windows and also a bigger combed noodle towel for drying off after a shower head without obtaining towel fuzz anywhere you. 

To assist you select which towel is because that you, examine out these typical towel sizes and also common applications:



Caring for her Towels

You deserve to buy a towel made native the sturdiest material with the highest possible thread counting possible, but if you really desire your towel to last, you have to treatment for that well. Looking after her towel properly can aid retain the softness and also absorbency and also extend its all at once longevity. Come ensure your towel lasts, follow these tips for towel care:



Wash well: Always wash her towels prior to their very first use. Each time you wash her towels ~ that, be certain to separate your colors and only wash choose with like. Wash them ~ above a tenderness cycle and also without too much detergent so friend don"t wind up with towels that are stiff and rough.Stop softening: Avoid fabric softeners when you wash her towels to safeguard their yarn from damage. Cloth softener can weaken towels" fibers, causing them to shed their absorbency prematurely. Liquid fabric softener in particular can minimize your towels" absorbency by causing a waxy buildup on your surfaces.Shake the out: After acquisition your towels the end of the washer, provide them a quick shake come fluff them up. Ruffling the towel"s individually stitched loops in this way will maintain the fabric"s absorbency. As soon as your towels come the end of the dryer, give them an additional quick shake come fluff them increase again.Dry delicately: Try to use low warm when dry your towels so your softness continues to be intact. Be specific your towels space dry prior to removing them from the dryer so you don"t end up v damp towels. Any leftover moisture on towels can easily turn right into mildew. Be equally cautious not come overdry her towels since that can burn out the fibers.Store safely: After you complete washing, drying and also folding her towels, make certain you keep them in a cool, dry and well-ventilated space.


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