The work requiring this certification have actually increase by 21.23% since 2018. Psychologists through this certification knife +18.95% much more than the mean base salary, i m sorry is $93,050 every year.

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887 Psychologists task openings on need this certification in 2012, it boosts by 887 in comparison come previous year.

Job TrendYearNumber of task openings on request this certificationChange native previous year20122013201420152016201720182019
887increase by 887
3033increase through 241.94%
4502increase through 48.43%
2228decrease by 50.51%
3628increase through 62.84%
2932decrease through 19.18%
3137increase by 6.99%
3803increase through 21.23%



Top specialtiesGenetics & Genomics+96.23%salary

Based top top 85 ratings

49% the Psychologists in the United states think their incomes are enough for the price of life in your area.

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If she unsure about what salary is proper for a psychologist position, visit"s value Calculator to acquire a free, personalized pay selection based on your location, industry and also experience.