The best part of functioning at Pizza Hut shows up to be the functioning conditions, judging from the means coworkers to speak they have tendency to have actually a the majority of fun during their shifts. Additionally, numerous locations give you cost-free pizza or 50% discounts top top meals during your enjoy the meal breaks. As much as the hourly pay and salaries, that’s a different story. 

The adhering to information will include:The beginning pay you can expectAll the jobs and also what they salary hourly and in salaryWhen Pizza Hut payment its employeesWhen you gain pay raises and also how muchThe work-related hours and examples of different species of shiftsCall out sick policyBackground checks and drug testsFelony rental policyAre there any type of breaks during your shifts?Dress code

Pizza Hut beginning Pay

The starting hourly salary for new team members is usually just a few cents above the state minimum wage. So, if you are using to end up being a team member in Colorado where the minimum state wage is currently $12.32 one hour, you can expect come make around $.25 more than that, in ~ $12.57 an hour come start.At the very same time, someone using in the state of Idaho will just make a starting hourly wage of just $7.50 one hour since the minimum salary in the state is $7.25!

Pizza Hut Team Member Pay

The typical hourly rate for team members in ~ Pizza Hut is about $10.15 one hour. That hourly rate quantities to $406 a week, a monthly value of $1,759, and also a yearly salary of $21,112.In this position, you have the right to expect to sometimes need to work an extra or dual shift as result of other workers calling the end sick. If you make yourself accessible to your management, you can probably add another $2,000 to $4,000 to your yearly salary by covering for her coworkers.

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Pizza Hut Server Pay

On average, a Pizza Hut server will earn around $12.90 one hour due to tips earned throughout every shift. The average wages will vary because, together an example, a tipped worker in Idaho provides a minimum tipped wage per hour the $3.35, and also with tips, this worker would most likely earn somewhere close to $12.90 one hour.However, in Colorado, whereby the minimum tipped hourly price is $9.30, a server was standing to make anywhere between $16 to $20 an hour and sometimes more!Regardless, the median pay for servers in ~ Pizza Hut is $516 weekly and also a yearly value of over $26,832.

Pizza Hut cook Pay

A Pizza Hut cook earns about $11.12 an hour, top top average. This amounts to $444 a week and also $23,129 in yearly pay. At this restaurant chain, there space line cooks, pizza cooks, and even servers who double as cooks. Therefore, consult through your administration staff regarding the duties you will have to fulfill at your particular location.

Pizza Hut shift Leader Pay

Shift leaders do on median $11.16 an hour in ~ this position. This would offer you $446 a week and also a value of $23,219 yearly.The important part of this job is to work hard, treat your team members well, and also show leadership capacity so you deserve to earn a promotion to assistant manager. As soon as you carry out this, girlfriend will acquire a nice rise in your hourly pay and you’ll it is in on your way to one assistant general manager position making lot more.

Pizza Hut shipment Driver Pay

Delivery motorists at Pizza Hut are thought about tipped employees. Therefore, these positions will give you a short hourly salary rate yet you do the bulk of her salary on tips.The mean driver makes roughly $5.45 an hour however depending top top the job of the week, that or she makes second $45 to $115 a day plus usage reimbursement the adds part money to the pot. Yearly salaries for this position hover roughly $25,770 a year because that hard-working distribution drivers who room friendly and also personable and also can sway customers to provide them tips.The one drawback to this position is the you will largely be functioning nights and also weekends.

Pizza Hut Assistant Manager Salary

An assistant manager in ~ Pizza Hut makes around $28,455 a year, no including feasible bonuses. A yearly bonus for this place is normally in the $3,000 come $4,000 range, putting this salary at about $32,500 a year.The wages for this project can selection from $23,800 to $47,250 a year, depending upon your level the experience.

Pizza Hut Manager Salary

The average general manager salary at Pizza Hut is $47,695 a year. Girlfriend can add to the an average yearly bonus of roughly $4,000-$6,000, making the salary roughly $51,200 to $53,500 a year.The wages can range from around $38,350-$63,280 a year.See all the Pizza Hut jobs in your area.

Does Pizza Hut salary weekly?

Pizza Hut pays its employee biweekly and the paydays vary between locations. Most employees report they space receiving a biweekly examine on a Friday, Monday, or Tuesday.The pay periods usually end around seven days prior to payday. Therefore, someone that gets payment a full check on a Monday will have functioned the previous pay period which should have actually started approximately three weeks before the salary date. 

How lot does Pizza Hut salary 16-year-olds?

Pizza Hut payment its 16 and also 17-year-old workers the same beginning pay as if they to be an adult. Therefore, you deserve to expect come make about $.25 above your state minimum wage as your hourly rate.

How frequently does Pizza Hut provide raises?

Raises do occur at Pizza Hut however they are inconsistent due to the many different franchise-owners having their techniques of raises and promotions. While some employees say they were offered a raise yearly for around $.35 come $.50 after an evaluation, part say your ownership and management wouldn’t offer them raises at all.Others speak it’s all around how well you get together with your management team and how you communicate with them. It’s good practice to constantly maintain dialogue with your immediate supervisor to let him or her understand you space interested in getting promoted and it’s vital to sometimes inquire around a possible raise in the future.

Pizza Hut job-related Hours

There room three varieties of opinions you’ll usually find from employee talking around the work hours at Pizza Hut. Many say one of the three following points:The restaurant does no give sufficient work hours daily.You can obtain scheduled at the very least 8 hrs daily and also in part cases, 8-12 hours a day.They give you enough hours yet they desire you to continue to be over and also work a double shift a lot of times out of necessity.All of this points to the id that if you want to work-related overtime and make more money 보다 your salary, overtime work hours are constantly available.

Full-time Hours

Full-time hours at Pizza Hut are generally between 30 come 40 hours a week. You deserve to usually count on the availability of overtime every week, as well.

Part-time Hours

Part-time hours assigned at this restaurant chain space usually between 15 and 29 hrs a week. Part employees to speak some areas don’t enable any employees to become full-time employees for a long time till you prove yourself. They walk on to say the just around every worker in ~ these areas is assigned part-time hours.

Pizza Hut transition Hours

Here space some examples of the change hours girlfriend will occupational at Pizza Hut:8 to be to 6 PM9 to be to 4 PM9 to be to 5 PM10 am to 5 PM10 to be to 6 PM11 am to 4 PM3 pm to 12 Midnight4 pm to 1 AM5 pm to 11 PM

What is the call-out sick policy?

If you’re walking to be calling out sick, friend must notify your at sight at the very least 3 hrs to a job in advance in most cases. Some locations may need you to bring a doctor’s note to excuse your absence on the adhering to day.This form of policy is important for franchisee-owned restaurants since younger workers have tendency to call out sick an ext frequently 보다 older employees. This is their method of holding employees accountable so they can develop into trusted workers.

Break Policy

Some workers say it’s just around impossible to get a break throughout your shift at Pizza Hut unless you space a shipment driver. Others say you must work carefully with her manager so you can schedule early on breaks, and have someone cover because that you throughout busy times if you must use the restroom.

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Dress Code

The agency will usually problem you a work polo shirt, an apron, and a name tag. Girlfriend must carry out your own black pants, belt, and also slip-resistant shoes.Some locations require all team members come wear a cap while top top duty. Part locations permit body piercings, tattoos, fancy hair, and leggings because that women instead of slacks while others don’t. All locations have minor differences in your policies because they space franchisee-owned. Make certain you consult v your rental manager as soon as you room hired so the you present up the an initial day in accordance through their rules and looking your best.Featured image courtesy that FoxLad in ~ English Wikipedia, CC through 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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