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I replied in one more thread sorta turn off topic, and also have used the find function, however am do the efforts to discover out precisely how much do the factory 18" LTZ rims weigh. Just rim weight not rim + tire. The just thing I have really found is some aftermarket 20"s sweet less. I am looking in ~ going aftermarket yet only if they are less than manufacturing facility weight.Thanks.


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Thanks so much Blink! The Enkei wheel I want weight 20.4 lbs a piece. As lengthy as they sweet a lb much less per rim ns was walk to execute it.

Out that curiosity, why should the rim method less because that you to pull the trigger? The only thing I could think of is fuel economy, but for the life the me ns couldn"t think the a lb or ounces would certainly make that large of a difference or none at all.Just curious.
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I actually had a bad experience v my cobalt ss that ns traded in on the Malibu. The rims i got weighed more than stock and also I might tell a vast difference. I might tell a difference off the line, ~ above the highway, and so on etc. Lock were additionally knock-offs of Enkei"s which i will never ever do again. They were slightly out of round and also warped my rotors. Ns will never ever use more heavier wheels on an FWD 4 cyl again.
Something rather to consider.

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Unsprung load (wheels, tires, brakes) is what the shocks and springs regulate when the suspension moves. If the wheel desires to relocate upward the automobile has to stand up to the movement. The much less the wheel weighs the simpler it is to manage the movement. The tire stays on the pavement longer and you get much more traction, i beg your pardon becomes much more control the the car.A lighter wheel is additionally easier come spin. This is what you"re introduce to as soon as you say you noticed the difference.If the wheels were out of round the will cause a negative ride and also possibly raised tire wear. For them to warp her rotors, i would often tend to think the at the very least one that the complying with was true:1. The inner surface ar where the wheel mates come the rotor hat was not flat, bring about uneven force on the lugs, or2. The lugs were not tightened evenly, or no torqued properly.Either of the 2 above can cause deflection in the rotor, which you"ll feel as soon as braking, and you"ll call it warped rotors.Of course, rotors can "warp" and also the wheels can have nothing to carry out with it.
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