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I responded in an additional thcheck out sorta off topic, and also have actually offered the search function, but am trying to uncover out specifically how much do the manufacturing facility 18" LTZ rims weigh. Just rim weight not rim + tire. The just thing I have really found is some aftermarket 20"s weigh less. I am looking at going aftermarket but just if they are less than manufacturing facility weight.Thanks.


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Thanks so much Blink! The Enkei wheels I desire weight 20.4 lbs a piece. As long as they weighed a lb much less per rim I was going to perform it.

Out of curiosity, why need to the rim means much less for you to pull the trigger? The only point I might think of is fuel economic climate, yet for the life of me I couldn"t think that a pound or ounces would certainly make that substantial of a difference or none at all.Just curious.
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I actually had actually a bad suffer with my cobalt ss that I traded in on the Malibu. The rims i got weighed more than stock and also I might tell a vast distinction. I could tell a difference off the line, on the highmethod, and so on and so on. They were likewise knock-offs of Enkei"s which I will certainly never execute aobtain. They were slightly out of round and warped my rotors. I will never before use heavier wheels on an FWD 4 cyl aacquire.
Somepoint else to consider.

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Unsprung weight (wheels, tires, brakes) is what the shocks and springs regulate when the suspension moves. If the wheel wants to relocate upward the auto hregarding resist the movement. The less the wheel weighs the less complicated it is to control the motion. The tire continues to be on the pavement longer and you gain even more traction, which becomes more regulate of the automobile.A lighter wheel is likewise easier to spin. This is what you"re referring to as soon as you say you noticed the difference.If the wheels were out of round that will certainly reason a negative ride and maybe increased tire wear. For them to warp your rotors, I would certainly tfinish to think that at least one of the adhering to was true:1. The inner surchallenge wright here the wheel mates to the rotor hat was not flat, leading to uneven pressure on the lugs, or2. The lugs were not tightened evenly, or not torqued appropriately.Either of the 2 above have the right to reason deflection in the rotor, which you"ll feel when braking, and also you"ll call it warped rotors.Of course, rotors deserve to "warp" and also the wheels might have nothing to carry out with it.
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