16 secrets Behind Smallville You had No Idea around Find out more about the dark history, drama and hidden tricks of the famous Superman prequell series Smallville.

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v the numerous superhero tv shows that currently air today, it’s difficult to imagine a time as soon as comic book based shows weren"t readily available. However, back in 2001, Smallville stood as among the couple of live-action shows depicting a significant comic publication character in ~ the time.

Following the life the a young Clark Kent in his hometown that Smallville, viewers gained a glimpse into the (relatively) regular life that a young superhero. Throughout the series, comic publication fans were treated v the appearances of countless favorite characters and even the development of a justice League.

With its unique perspective and also original content, Smallville became a cult favorite show for brand-new fans also as dedicated comic publication readers. Despite the collection ended ago in 2011, its affect on the future of other superhero TV shows have the right to still it is in felt today - specifically with Gotham as well as the CW"s Arrowverse.

Over time, however, the past background of Smallville has come to light, revealing dark keys that dedicated fans were unaware of. From problems behind the scenes to the catastrophic futures of several of its stars, the truth about the collection still ongoing long after its last episode.

Here room 16 Dark secrets Behind Smallville You had actually No Idea About.


Gotham Bruce Wayne at Wayne Enterprises
fans of the present DC Comics series Gotham might be shocked to discover that the show might have been in almost two years sooner.

Plans were in reality in location to develop a show based upon the life the a young Bruce Wayne. This show should would have adhered to a comparable concept come Smallville; Bruce would not be presented in costume during the show. However, the show’s advance ran into a far-ranging conflict with the film division of Warner Bros., which had actually plans to reboot the beginning story that Batman beginning with Batman Begins.

Instead, the idea of concentrating on a young Clark Kent to be proposed, resulting in the eventual advancement of Smallville. Luckily, the plans because that the young Bruce Wayne story finally came to fruition and also was occurred into the Gotham series we have actually today.

15 Backlash to the spreading of Pete and Lana

Smallville Lana Lang Pete Ross
When occurring an established comic books collection for television, often details aspects the the story often tend to gain changed. Understandably, part fans room not so forgiving around some transforms to your favorite characters. As soon as the cast was announced because that the upcoming Smallville series, some fans were shocked in ~ the spreading for personalities Lana Lang and Pete Ross. In the comics, Lana was shown as a redhead and also Pete to be a blonde. However, Eurasian actress Kristin Kreuk and also African-American actor Sam Jones III were cast instead, respectively. Despite fans’ outrage, producers stuck to the decision to develop a an ext diverse cast and moved ahead through productions. As the display progressed and gained in popularity, the fans, in turn, concerned accept and appreciate the character changes for the show.

beforehand in the planning for the show, showrunners decided that they walk not want Smallville to be a relenten of the Superman pan are supplied to. Instead, they wanted to focus on his humble starts as a young man farming up in a tiny town. As such, they included a “no tights, no flights" dominance for the overall story of the show.

However, as the display progressed and Kent became an ext confident in his powers, pan still hope to view Welling in the above suit. Unfortunately, in ~ Welling"s request, that idea was nixed entirely. According to SyFy.com, when approached through the idea of put on the suit in the collection finale, Welling revealed, “I said, ‘That’s not our show.’ he is like, ‘No, the going to it is in great,” and also I go, ‘Yeah, but just think about what we’ve been doing. If we simply jump right into that, we haven’t deserve it.’” too bad.

13 only Two Main Cast Members Have Been in Every Season

Smallville Clark Kent Chloe Sullivan
as with many long-running TV series, viewers often had come say good-bye to your favorite characters on Smallville. Whether due to firings, new projects, or stale storylines, numerous actors will step away indigenous a series despite your popularity.

Over the food of that is airing, Smallville lost several major characters including Lana Lang, Lex Luthor, and Pete Ross. In fact, by the show’s collection finale in 2011, just Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan were the only main cast members to appear in every ten seasons.

Both stars regulated to appear in every season there is no any absences during the food of the show. In fact, Tom Welling stayed the only actors member to have showed up in all 217 episodes of the series. No days off for the guy of Steel.

after ~ overcoming the backlash faced with his character’s ethnic background change, gibbs Sam Jones III walk on to do Pete Ross a lovable character. Though fans and writers wanted to include an ext lines and also scenes because that the role, Jones would eventually be created out that the present during season three. The made a brief appearance in season seven yet the personality was not brought earlier to Smallville again.

Following his time ~ above the show, Jones faced several scandals and also legal problems. ~ a managing a sex tape that was released previously in the year, Jones was brought up on dues of conspiracy to possess illegal drugs v the intent to distribution in 2010. He ultimately pled guilty and was sentenced to 366 job in commonwealth prison, though he only served ten months.

11 Showrunners jumped ship

another familiar problem with long-running reflects stems around transforming personnel behind the scenes. Numerous TV shows have had actually their original showrunners and also producers leave for various reasons, including distinctions of opinions or changes to the project.

After seven seasons, original showrunners Gough and also Millar left the series in 2008. Despite they never specified their reasons for leaving, some reports indicated there was a difference in opinions in between themselves and the executives over the future of the show. Adhering to their departure, their replacements had Todd Slavkin, Kelly Souders, Darren Swimmer, and also Brian Peterson.

However, the revolving door for the position started again when Swimmer and also Slavkin left the show prior to the ninth season to work on the rebooted Melrose Place series. However, also after every one of the personnel changes, the showrunner drama ongoing in a various direction...

after departing the present in 2008, showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar ongoing successful careers v other renowned tv shows and movies, consisting of Into the Badlands. However, their time at Smallville was not over as new legal issues involved the surface. As reported through Variety, the previous showrunners sue Warner Bros “in a vertical integration fit that asserted that the studio was low-balling the fees it to be charging to patent the display to sibling networks WB and also CW.”

The suit, filed in 2010 versus the producers of the show, would have been a major blow to both the firm and the display itself. However, in 2013, both parties reached a settlement that walk not result in the $100 million the showrunners were at first asking for in the lawsuit.

9 Canceled supernatural Crossover

Many TV series have made fans’ desires come true through having series within the same network crossover - CBS crime procedurals in certain are fond that this. Despite it has likewise become a CW staple lately, crossovers on the WB and also CW networks to be being thought about years ago. In fact, there to be talks that a Supernatural/Smallville crossover.

In an article we published last year, former Supernatural manufacturing assistant Jackson Stewart shared, “There was a many really cool principles that few of the authors had. They had an episode wherein they really want to do a Superman curse that was about every actor who plays Superman ends up gaining killed. So they find out the Tom Welling indigenous Smallville is next and also have to conserve him.”

Considering Supernatural gibbs Jenson Ackles was the second choice because that Clark Kent behind Welling, this crossover in between these two shows seemed to be fated native the start. Five well…

among the plenty of cameos that took location on Smallville, 2 stars stood out together the most significant: Superman actor Christopher Reeve and also actress Margot Kidder. Play Clark Kent and also Lois lane in the movies, both stars graced Smallville with guest roles throughout the series.

Sadly, Reeve only made 2 appearances top top the show prior to passing far in 2004. Together heartbreaking as his fatality was for so plenty of Superman fans approximately the world, producers of Smallville believed it to be the best option to encompass it in the show. Reeve’s character, Virgil Swann, would certainly be eliminated off the display as well.

However, Kidder took offense to this action, citing the present was profiting native Reeve’s death and left the show. Despite slated to play a main villain because that the season, Kidder decided against being involved with a present that she feeling capitalized on she friend’s death.

7 The Green arrowhead Replaced Batman in the Series

despite the initial arrangement to produce a young Bruce Wayne to be derailed, producer still hope to combine the character after that in the series. Offer as among the few DC Comics-based mirrors on the air, the hope to be to introduce an ext fan-favorite characters into the Smallville world. However, Warner Bros. Still had bigger plans because that the Batman brand overall.

Instead the showcasing Bruce Wayne on the show, producers decided to add Oliver Queen (aka green Arrow) come Smallville. Played by Justin Hartley, his inclusion in season 6 additionally led to the formation of the Justice organization on the show.

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Although pan would have actually loved to have actually seen Batman do an appearance, producers were still may be to lug together some of the most iconic characters from the DC Comics world.