How much meat is in a entirety pig? This is a typical question because that both the aspiring farmer, and new farm customer.

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As the sluggish food motion grows, an ext and an ext families room either deciding to grow their own pork, or buy your pork native a neighborhood farm.

For the critical 5 years we have actually raised our very own pigs. We have uncovered pigs come be fantastic addition to the homestead, and a rewarding farm enterprise.

Thinking about raising or purchasing a totality pig? want to recognize what you will get back in meat?

We choose up our pigs from the butcher today. Below is what we got from one pig in the bunch. Hanging weights were around 200 Lbs.

Usable meat: 160 Lbs

Chops, Ribs and Steaks- 61 LBs

26. Loin Chops (each chop is a half pound, 2 per case)27 Shoulder Steaks (one lb each)4 Sirloin Chops4 spare Ribs

Ham 30 lbs

Sausage 25 Lbs 25.0

Bacon 19 Lbs

15 lbs the bacon4 lbs Jowell Bacon

Oddiments – 24 LBs

.3 Tail2.6 Leif Lard10 lbs earlier fat.8 Heart4.00 Feet.7 Tounge.5 Kidneys3.0 Liver6 Lbs Hocks



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Devin Holmes says

April 21, 2017 at 9:17 PM

person says

December 4, 2018 in ~ 11:16 AM

Devin Holmes says

April 21, 2017 at 10:10 PM

Lord! Your video makes me want to run away form any pig before it eats my wallet! Why not just feed lock on extra eggs, milk, weeds, and also old bakery bread? then they’re nearly totally free to raise and they have a much more complete, omnivorous diet.

Stephani Slatten says

February 23, 2018 in ~ 11:32 AM

Because you cant do that. Castle wont get the ideal nutrients and the meat will not be together good. They need corn in your diets.

They absolutely carry out not require corn. Hogs space omnivores. Lock do extremely well on forage and a tiny amount that scraps or hog feed. Pigs never ever would have actually consumed corn on their own. Humans added that.

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Excellent videoIs the hay friend mentioned just for bedding ?I have 3 pig this year ( first time increasing pigs) and my pig garden ( around 200 sq ft ) is decimated after around 8 weeks. I’m plan to relocate them come a new area. Any type of tricks come maximizing the area they usage use ? ThanksTomPS. Exactly how do ns suscibe to your website ?

Hay is just for bedding. Pigs do decimate! just be prepared for it! i ordered it to the web links on the homepage Tom, thanks!

I raise or me and also family progressive pigs because that meat. The expense of our 3 pigs this year is 201.76 for each pig( approximately). 3 feeders: 2 feeders about 50 to 60 pounds from 1 sow and another 35 to 40 from another sow. Hanging weights 240,220, and 200. Ns used roughly 800 lbs feed every pig. We additionally grow sweet corn for sale and have garden. The pigs also get sweet corn we don’t market garden veges and some old bread indigenous bakery. Likewise when they are finishing ns cut back on the grain and also grind corn stalks and make a silage and mix that v grain. Us don’t use medicated feed no vaccinations and also no paylean. In the finish its cheaper to buy pork in the store or almost as cheap come buy a totality hog from the butcher here. But, we recognize what us have. Us enjoy increasing them. PIgs should have actually a finish diet otherwise the pig will not grow correctly.

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