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We retirement an old friend beforehand this year. Ours friend, after countless years the faithful service, was worn down and ready to relocate on. No, our friend is no a person – i’m referring come the bucket on the Bobcat that we use to pack our good bulk products into the truck beds and trailers <…>


We retirement an old friend early on this year. Our friend, after numerous years of faithful service, was worn down and ready to relocate on.

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No, our friend is no a human being – ns referring to the bucket top top the Bobcat the we use to load our an excellent bulk assets into the van beds and also trailers of ours customers. In its location we have a brand-new sturdy bucket ready to provide our customers with the same an excellent quality mass products!

The high quality and also standards the our bulk mulches and soils has not changed. So whether you purchase scoops of our premium Black gold Mulch or dry, shredded topsoil, you deserve to expect the very same high-quality commodities of the past.

So what is the difference?

The difference, you will do it notice, is that there is now much more product in a single scoop of our brand-new bucket.

Our brand-new Bobcat bucket stop two-thirds the a cubic yard the product versus our old retirement bucket which held half of a cubic yard of product. Looking in ~ it one more way, our new bucket stop 17% more product per scoop than our old bucket. Measure up 67 inches (five feet seven inches) across, our new Bobcat bucket will easily dump right into most van beds and also trailers (many traditional truck beds measure up at six and fifty percent feet).

With the brand-new Bobcat bucket you might be thinking… how do I figure out how plenty of scoops that mulch ns need?

Whether girlfriend buy the same amount of mulch every year, or you’re trying to finish-off a new landscape bed us can aid you figure it out. If you buy the same variety of scoops indigenous year come year, as countless of our client do, any kind of of our friendly staff deserve to tell girlfriend how countless scoops you’ll require with the brand-new bucket (it will certainly be under scoops).

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Another choice is our handy online Mulch Calculator – in simply a couple of easy steps we have the right to tell you exactly how much mulch you’ll need and also you can also order that online! To perform this, you’ll need to recognize the length and also width of your bed. With this information, our calculator deserve to compute the square clip of your bed. Next you’ll should decide exactly how deep you want to put the mulch – we recommend a 1” depth because that beds that were previously mulched and also a 2” depth for newly mulched beds. Then presto! You require X amount!

Step 1: uncover Your Square Footage

To find the square clip of an area to it is in mulched, just multiply the length by the width. For example, a flower bed the is 12ft long and 4ft wide is 48 square feet.