Hamsters are little balls of hair that have the right to make great pets and also bring a smile to any type of confront. But just how many kind of toes does your adorable bit fluffball have? We’ve done the study and have actually your answer.

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All hamsters, consisting of Syrian, Russian Dwarf, Winter White, Roboroviskii, and Chinese have four toes on their front paws and also five toes on their rear paws. That provides for a full of eighteen toes.

Hamsters sure are exciting little creatures. If you have more questions about their toes, how to keep them clean, and what to execute in the situation of chewing their paws, then you’re in the appropriate place. We’ll talk about these topics and also more in this post. So make sure to save reading!


Do Hamsters Have Hands Or Paws?

Hamsters have actually paws. They are very dexterous, yet they are paws. Unprefer human hands, hamster paws have no opposable digit. A hamster have the right to wrap their entire paw about somepoint, but not grip it in the method we execute.

You will certainly regularly check out hamsters holding food in their front paws while eating, favor this:

This might lead some world to think of their front paws as hands. But you will notice once they understand items like this, it will always be in between both of their front paws. This is because they lack the capacity to grip things with a single paw.

Hamsters walk approximately on all fours, and also they have pads on the bottom of their paws. These pads act as cushions when they step.

Why Do Hamsters Sometime Chew On Their Feet?


A few points that have the right to reason a hamster to chew on their feet include:



If your hamster has actually an infected foot, they may gnaw at it. This infection can begin from a minor scratch or an injury, which then becomes infected. It have the right to likewise be from bumblefoot, which is an inflammation on the footpad that enables bacteria to enter into the foot.

Some of the symptoms that your hamster might have an infection are:

Red or swollen footFoot appears sensitiveThey limpThey execute not move roughly the cage as normal

If your hamster has an infected foot, you should take them to the vet. Until you are able to perform that, relocate the hamster to a fresh, soft, dry bedding. If the infection is severe sufficient, the vet might need to amputate the foot. Hamsters regularly live happy stays on three legs, so don’t problem if that’s the situation.


Another feasible reason your hamster might be biting its feet is that it has actually picked up some mites, frental fees, or lice, which are bring about them to itch. You need to clean your hamster with warmth water, then comb through its fur to look for signs of infeterminal.

Clean the hamster’s cage and everything in it at least when a week. If washing the cage frequently and cleaning the hamster takes care of the issue, your hamster may have actually been experiencing from an allergy or irritant instead of or on height of having actually parasites.


If your hamster is constantly chewing at its feet, it could be bereason they are itching. This deserve to be from parasites choose we stated over. An allergic reactivity to the bedding or something else in its enclosure deserve to likewise cause this.

If you’ve adjusted the kind or brand also of bedding or included any type of new items to the cage freshly, attempt removing this for a couple of days to watch if this improves things. Make sure to clean every little thing very closely with a warm cloth, but protect against using any type of harsh chemicals that your hamster might have actually a reactivity to. If your hamster is still chewing on its feet, you might need to contact your veterinarian.


If your hamster has an injury on its foot or leg, it may begin chewing on it. This can be their attempt to stop the pain. Examine the location very closely and see if you can see any kind of proof of an injury. Be mindful to wrap the hamster in somepoint soft and also organize them firmly, considering that a hamster in pain may bite.

If you check out signs of an injury and also it is minor, you might have the ability to clean the area via heat water or saline, then apply a disinfectant prefer betadine. Follow that through a thin layer of antibiotic ointment, then leave your hamster alone to recoup in its cage for a few days. You might desire to move its food and water nearer to its sleeping area so it won’t have to move around as much.

If the wound is even more significant, then take your hamster to the vet.

Some indications of injuries in hamsters include:

Lack of appetiteBleedingSleeping a lotCries of painAggressionLimping

Do not take care of an injured hamster any type of even more than important. Other than taking care of to study them, treat injuries, or take them to the vet, you need to leave them alone for a couple of days to heal.



If your hamster suddenly starts chewing on its foot quickly after you’ve switched to brand-new bedding or added a brand-new toy to its enclocertain, it could be a sign that they have actually an allergy or irritation caused by the brand-new item. Rerelocate the brand-new item or switch ago to the old bedding, then wash the cage well.

Household cleaners supplied while cleaning the cage, or also close to it, have the right to cause irritation. It is best to use just warmth water and also mild detergent, if any detergent at all, to clean the cage.

If you are unable to pinpoint any type of changes that may have led to irritation to your hamster’s foot, then you may should take it to the vet. It’s feasible it could be something else, such as a bacterial infection, and not an allergy.

How Do You Trim Hamster Nails?

Hamster nails deserve to grow also long, causing them to curl under or sidemeans. If this happens, you must trim their nails. If your hamster is very comfortable and calm with you, you might have the ability to carry out this yourself. In some cases, you might must take them to the vet for this because they won’t sit still for it.

If you are going to trim the nails yourself, you’ll need to area the hamster on a safe surchallenge, like a large table or bed. Your other option, if your hamster is comfortable via it, is to host the hamster on its ago in one hand so you have the right to trim via the other hand also. Many hamsters will not be comfortable through this.

Look carefully at the nail, via plenty of lighting. You are just going to cut the exceptionally end, rather translucent component. Make sure not to reduced right into the quick, which is prefer the fleshy location under your fingernail. On a hamster, this might appear as a cloudy area close to the back edge of the nail. Do not go near that area.

You can usage incredibly little nail clippers, such as those provided for babies or particularly for little pets.


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If you deserve to efficiently trim one nail and also your hamster is still relatively calm, you deserve to proceed. If they are becoming agitated or nervous then put them ago in their cage for a while and also attempt aget later. Sometimes you may need to wait a day or so before continuing.

Things might go smovarious other if you offer your hamster a treat after each trimming. They deserve to begin associating the trimming with obtaining a treat, which could make it simpler to manage them next time. If not, at leastern it will aid them feel a small better around the experience afterward.

This is not an easy process, so many times you are better off taking your little bit hamster to the vet to have their nails trimmed.

One point you have the right to execute if you notice the nails getting a little long is to location things approximately the cage that will certainly help wear ameans the nails over time. This can assist prevent the require for future trimming. Find some stones that are a couple of inches throughout, clean them, and area them roughly the cage. Stepping on the stones consistently will gradually wear ameans at the nails, keeping them from growing too lengthy.

Sometimes sand baths have the right to aid with nails. Hamsters will certainly dig at the sand, and also it have the right to wear amethod their nails. This may be one method to limit the require for nail trimming.

How Do You Know If Your Hamster Has Bumblefoot?

Bumblefoot is an inflammation of the foot. If left untreated it can come to be major. Some of the indications of bumblefoot are:

Lack of appetiteLethargyRed and also swollen feetWon’t move approximately the cage as usualSensitive feetUlcers and also scabs on feet

Rough surencounters in a hamster’s enclocertain deserve to reason bumblefoot. A wire floor, for example, can reason scrapes that end up being infected. Bedding soaked in urine or feces deserve to also be a reason. In some cases, excessive weight or overgrvery own nails can cause bumblefoot.

If you think your hamster has actually bumblefoot, take it to the veterinarian for therapy.

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In Closing

Hamsters have a complete of eighteen toes. They have actually 4 on each of their front paws and 5 on each of the ago paws. As disputed above, your hamster’s tiny paws can experience from injuries or disease. If they have actually a serious injury or condition, you will should take your furry frifinish to the vet for treatment.