Hamsters are tiny balls of fur that deserve to make an excellent pets and bring a smile to any face. Yet how many toes does her adorable small fluffball have? We’ve done the research and have her answer.

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All hamsters, including Syrian, Russian Dwarf, Winter White, Roboroviskii, and also Chinese have four toes on their front paws and five toes top top their rear paws. That makes for a full of eighteen toes.

Hamsters sure are interesting small creatures. If friend have more questions about their toes, just how to store them clean, and also what to execute in the situation of chewing your paws, climate you’re in the best place. We’ll talk about these object and much more in this post. For this reason make certain to store reading!


Do Hamsters have Hands Or Paws?

Hamsters have actually paws. Lock are an extremely dexterous, however they room paws. Unlike person hands, hamster paws have no opposable digit. A hamster have the right to wrap their entire paw around something, yet not grip that in the method we do.

You will often see hamsters hold food in your front paws if eating, prefer this:

This may lead some civilization to think of their front paws together hands. However you will notification when they master items prefer this, the will always be in between both of their front paws. This is due to the fact that they lack the capability to grip things with a single paw.

Hamsters walk about on every fours, and also they have actually pads on the bottom of your paws. This pads act as cushions once they step.

Why execute Hamsters at some time Chew On your Feet?


A couple of things the can cause a hamster to chew on their feet include:



If your hamster has actually an infected foot, they might gnaw at it. This infection can start indigenous a minor scratch or one injury, which climate becomes infected. It can additionally be native bumblefoot, i m sorry is an inflammation top top the footpad that allows bacteria to go into into the foot.

Some the the symptoms that your hamster may have an epidemic are:

Red or swollen footFoot appears sensitiveThey limpThey do not move approximately the cage together normal

If her hamster has actually an infected foot, you have to take them to the vet. Until you space able to execute that, move the hamster come a fresh, soft, dried bedding. If the infection is significant enough, the vet may need to amputate the foot. Hamsters often live happy lives on 3 legs, for this reason don’t concern if that’s the case.


Another possible reason your hamster might be biting the feet is the it has picked up part mites, fleas, or lice, i m sorry are bring about them to itch. You must clean her hamster with heat water, then comb with its fur to look at for signs of infestation.

Clean the hamster’s cage and also everything in it at the very least once a week. If washing the cage regularly and also cleaning the hamster takes care of the matter, her hamster may have been suffering from an allergy or irritant instead of or on peak of having actually parasites.


If her hamster is continuous chewing in ~ its feet, it can be because they space itching. This can be indigenous parasites like we pointed out above. An allergic reaction come the bedding or something else in the enclosure can likewise cause this.

If you’ve readjusted the type or brand of bedding or added any brand-new items come the cage recently, shot removing this because that a couple of days to check out if this boosts things. Make sure to clean everything carefully with a warmth cloth, yet avoid using any harsh chemicals that your hamster may have actually a reaction to. If her hamster is tho chewing on its feet, you may need to speak to your veterinarian.


If her hamster has an injury ~ above its foot or leg, the may start chewing top top it. This can be your attempt to prevent the pain. Study the area carefully and also see if you deserve to see any kind of evidence of an injury. Be careful to wrap the hamster in other soft and hold castle firmly, because a hamster in pain might bite.

If you see signs of an injury and it is minor, you may be able to clean the area with warmth water or saline, then apply a disinfectant favor betadine. Follow that with a slim layer that antibiotic ointment, climate leave your hamster alone to recoup in its cage for a couple of days. You might want to move its food and water nearer come its resting area so the won’t have to move about as much.

If the wound is an ext serious, then take your hamster come the vet.

Some indicators of injuries in hamsters include:

Lack the appetiteBleedingSleeping a lotCries of painAggressionLimping

Do not handle an injured hamster any much more than necessary. Other than taking care of to study them, treat injuries, or take them to the vet, you should leave castle alone for a couple of days come heal.



If her hamster all of sudden starts chewing ~ above its foot soon after you’ve switched to brand-new bedding or added a new toy to its enclosure, it might be a authorize that they have an allergy or irritation brought about by the brand-new item. Eliminate the brand-new item or switch earlier to the old bedding, then wash the cage well.

Household cleaners supplied while clean the cage, or also near it, can reason irritation. That is best to usage only warm water and mild detergent, if any type of detergent at all, to clean the cage.

If you are unable to pinpoint any changes that may have actually caused wake up to your hamster’s foot, climate you may need to take it come the vet. It’s possible it could be something else, such as a bacter infection, and not one allergy.

How perform You Trim Hamster Nails?

Hamster pond can prosper too long, causing them to curl under or sideways. If this happens, you should trim your nails. If her hamster is an extremely comfortable and also calm with you, you may be able to do this yourself. In some cases, you might need to take it them come the vet for this due to the fact that they won’t sit still for it.

If you room going come trim the nails yourself, you’ll require to place the hamster ~ above a safe surface, favor a huge table or bed. Your other option, if your hamster is comfortable v it, is to host the hamster ~ above its earlier in one hand therefore you can trim through the other hand. Countless hamsters will certainly not be comfortable v this.

Look closely at the nail, v plenty that lighting. Girlfriend are just going to cut the really end, somewhat translucent part. Make sure not to cut into the quick, which is favor the fleshy area under your fingernail. ~ above a hamster, this may appear as a cloudy area close to the ago edge of the nail. Do not go close to that area.

You deserve to use very small nail clippers, such as those used for babies or specifically for small animals.


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If you can effectively trim one nail and your hamster is still relatively calm, you can continue. If lock are ending up being agitated or nervous then placed them back in their cage for a while and shot again later. Occasionally you may need to wait a day or so before continuing.

Things might go smoother if you provide your hamster a treat after each trimming. Castle can start associating the trimming with obtaining a treat, which could make it simpler to handle them following time. If not, at least it will help them feeling a little much better about the suffer afterward.

This is not basic process, so plenty of times you are much better off taking your small hamster come the vet to have their nails trimmed.

One thing you can do if you notification the nails acquiring a tiny long is to location things about the cage that will assist wear away the nails end time. This can aid prevent the need for future trimming. Uncover some stones that space a couple of inches across, clean them, and place them about the cage. Stepping ~ above the stones consistently will gradually wear far at the nails, keeping them from cultivation too long.

Sometimes sand baths can aid with nails. Hamsters will dig in ~ the sand, and it can wear away their nails. This may be one way to border the need for nail trimming.

How carry out You know If your Hamster has actually Bumblefoot?

Bumblefoot is one inflammation that the foot. If left untreated the can become severe. Several of the signs of bumblefoot are:

Lack the appetiteLethargyRed and also swollen feetWon’t move approximately the cage as usualSensitive feetUlcers and scabs ~ above feet

Rough surface in a hamster’s enclosure can cause bumblefoot. A wire floor, for example, can cause scrapes that come to be infected. Bedding wet in urine or feces can additionally be a cause. In part cases, excessive weight or overgrown nails can cause bumblefoot.

If friend think your hamster has bumblefoot, take it it to the veterinarian for treatment.

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In Closing

Hamsters have a complete of eighteen toes. They have 4 on every of their front paws and also five on every of the ago paws. As debated above, her hamster’s tiny paws can suffer from injuries or illness. If they have actually a significant injury or illness, you will need to take her furry friend to the vet for treatment.