You can gain 220 Lbs of steak from the median cow i beg your pardon adds increase to all over from 120 to 180 cut of steak. This suspect the cow’s live weight is about 1200 – 1400 Lbs.

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Here’s a rough malfunction of the lower finish of what you can expect from one cow:

BeefYield indigenous a whole Cow
Strip Steak24-28
Ribeye Steak24-28
Sirloin Steak20-24
Short Rib8
Ground Beef200 Lbs
TotalAproximately 120 come 180

However, it is tough to reach an exact figure because that this calculation due to the fact that all cows room different. Some determinants that will influence how many steaks you can gain from a cow include:

The size of the cowThe breed of the cowThe dimension of each cut of steakProcessing methods

There’s also an ext beef friend can acquire from the cow 보다 that. In fact, you can expect another 220 Lbs that the cow to end up being ground beef that ends up in everything from meatballs come hamburgers.

What You will Learn show
exactly how to discover out How many Steaks friend can acquire from a Cow
1. Number out the Beef from a Cow
2. Number out exactly how much Beef ~ above a Cow i do not care Steak
list of Steak you have the right to expect as soon as you buy a Cow
Which each other of Cow renders the best Steak?

How to uncover out How plenty of Steaks friend can obtain from a Cow

To calculation out how numerous steaks one cow will certainly provide, i researched how much beef girlfriend can obtain from a cow, exactly how much of the beef you deserve to expect to come to be steak, and also divided the by just how much the average steak weighs.

1. Number out the Beef indigenous a Cow

Even despite a cow’s live load is usually in between 1200 and also 1400 Lbs, once it has been slaughtered, its weight decreases significantly. Of course, you have to remove the bones, guts, hide, horns and also blood which all decrease the net weight.


We calculate how much beef the the cow will finish up with in two stages:

Hot Carcass Weight (also well-known as the Dressing Percentage) is the weight of the carcass after ~ the very first stage the processing once the blood, guts and also bones space removed. That usually comes to 60% – 64% that the live animal weight.Processed load is the weight of the beef when it hits the freezer. Over there is significant loss the water in the beef during this stage, and also unsuitable cuts space removed.

At the end of this process, you have the right to usually assume the the lot of usable beef indigenous the animal comes to around 40% of the live pet weight.

2. Figure out how much Beef on a Cow becomes Steak

If you were to just calculate 40% the the animal’s live weight, girlfriend will acquire to around 480 Lbs the usable beef every animal.

However, not all of this beef will certainly be offered for steak. A most the trimmings finish up going to ground beef for burgers (you deserve to guess that you’ll get around 800 quarter pound burgers native a cow).

Clover grasslands Beef estimates that close come 50% the the usable beef ends up as steak cuts. That adds increase to around 220 Lbs (give or take) per cow.

If we were to assume you acquired 220 Lbs of cuts from a cow – which is also Clover grasslands Beef’s estimate – you can then discover out how plenty of Lbs that steak cuts, yet this no account because that types that cuts and also further cut losses.

Fortunately, Clover meadows Beef additionally gives us a break down of this.

List the Steak you can expect when you to buy a Cow

They carry out the numbers of how countless of each reduced of beef friend will get when friend buy a quarter cow. I’ll extrapolate that the end to a full cow, presume that once they slaughter a cow they divide up each reduced four ways for your buyers.

BeefYield native a 4 minutes 1 CowYield indigenous a entirety Cow
Strip Steak6-724-28
Ribeye Steak6-724-28
Sirloin Steak5-620-24
Short Rib28
Ground Beef50 Lbs200 Lbs
TotalAproximately 30Aproximately 120 come 180

*Notes: numbers extrapolated from Clover grasslands Beef who sell slaughtered and processed beef straight to consumers. Numbers may vary depending upon the cow and also seller. Examine out what they have to offer here.

Which each other of Cow renders the ideal Steak?

This is completely subjective and also all counts on the consumer. Furthermore, it regularly depends as much on how the livestock are raised, fed and processed as the each other itself. For example, grass-fed beef can fetch a premium in ~ market.

Some that the most renowned breeds include:

Angus – Angus beef is the most famous breed the beef in the unified States. Angus livestock put on muscle relatively easily and deliver tender cut that the US industry loves.

Wagyu – Wagyu beef comes from Japan but is now bred approximately the world. Wagyu beef is known for its tenderness and also flavor, and also often come at a premium because of its an excellent taste and quality.

Hereford – Hereford livestock come from Herefordshire in the UK however have spread about the world. Lock are recognized as a hardy breed that commands high price at market, making lock a optimal pick for numerous farmers.

Piedmontese – Originating native Piedmont in Italy, these cattle are well-known for being a healthy option because that consumers. They are lean but additionally high in protein. They’re frequently cross-bred v the Angus breed.

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While it all relies on the cow, its weight, its breed, and how the beef is processed, I estimate that the average cow will deliver somewhere in the bespeak of 120 come 180 cuts of steak. Furthermore, girlfriend will have the ability to get what in the bespeak of 200 Lbs or an ext of floor beef from any kind of one cow, i m sorry will additionally be usable for a range of reasons, such together meatballs and hamburgers.