Flying through outer space means you’re likely going to discover Stars, and that’s extra true because that Mario’s very own interstellar adventure! supervisor Mario Galaxy is wherein these celestial collectibles make the most sense, and also there’s rather a few to spin and also launch your way to. Check out on to learn simply how numerous Power Stars girlfriend can discover in this Wii 3D All-Star. 

How numerous Power Stars are in at sight Mario Galaxy?


Across every the Comet Observatory’s domes and also beyond, Mario will have the ability to collect 121 power Stars in super Mario Galaxy. Unlike supervisor Mario 64, though, Mario Galaxy has different types of Stars come find. Many will it is in the acquainted yellow Stars, generally rewarded for clearing step in every Galaxy. Though over there are other types, they all counting as strength Stars and thus fall into that 121 total.

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How plenty of Power Stars carry out I have to beat super Mario Galaxy?

Though you deserve to collect up to 120 strength Stars before the last fight versus Bowser, there’s no need to go that far if you don’t desire to. You deserve to beat super Mario Galaxy v 60 power Stars.

Grand Stars

Along v those Stars space seven cool Stars, which (aside from the an initial one) space rewards for beating bosses Bowser and also Bowser Jr.. By beating King Koopa and his son you’ll get these extra huge Stars the power the Comet Observatory Beacon and unlock new Domes. Grand Stars (and the various other varieties below) space not counted separately from other Power Stars. 

Green Stars


You’ll also eventually have the ability to find three green Stars and eco-friendly Lumas. They have the right to be uncovered by clearing specific missions in Battlerock Galaxy, Buoy basic Galaxy, and Dusty Dune Galaxy. 

While they’ll boost your full Star total, green Stars have one more purpose. By collecting all three, you will do it unlock the trial Galaxies. These three extra hard stages reached by Green launch Stars on the Planet that Trials are the roll Gizmo Galaxy, the balloon Blast Galaxy, and also the Loopdeeswoop Galaxy. All of these are harder version of other, comparable Galaxies and are based on motion controls

Red power Star

There’s another color the Star to uncover in Galaxy, and also it’s even much more unique 보다 the environment-friendly Stars. After ~ collecting her sixth cool Star you’ll be able to enter the door at the Comet Observatory. Passing through will return you to the game’s beginning area, the Gateway Galaxy

There you’ll have the ability to complete a one-of-a-kind mission, Gateway’s violet Coins, where you’ll have to collect 100 purple Coins using a unique power-up. Collecting a Red Star (not come be puzzled with a Red strength Star) will revolve you into Flying Mario. By making use of this power, you can gather increase the violet Coins and also will be rewarded v the game’s one and only Red strength Star.

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Collecting this has the included benefit of place a Red Star at the Comet Observatory. Currently whenever you’re in Rosalina’s hub, girlfriend can become Flying Mario!

What carry out I get for collecting every strength Star in at sight Mario Galaxy?

If you’ve put in the work and also manage to collect 120 strength Stars and also then defeat Bowser, you will do it unlock something extra unique – the capability to play as Luigi! Super Luigi Galaxy mode brings Mario’s higher brother right into the spotlight, through his altered physics and other distinctions to the experience. 

If friend go also further and collect 120 power Stars through Luigi, you will do it unlock a distinct stage referred to as the Grand Finale, or cool Finale Galaxy. You deserve to reach the from the Planet the Trials, where the attempt Galaxies room found. A 4th Green Luma will show up once you’ve built up both Mario and also Luigi’s 120 power Stars. That will come to be a beginning star come send you come the grand Finale!

This unique mission, called The Star Festival, jobs with through collecting 100 violet Coins in the castle Gardens – game’s very first area. Currently though it’s complete of familiar encounters from throughout Super Mario Galaxy, making it extra lively! as soon as you complete this task, you’ll receive the final and 121st strength Star. Talking to the Mailtoad will additionally gift friend a special image, through Mario and also Luigi each acquiring their own. 

When you take into account playing as both Mario and also Luigi and the final Star in the cool Finale Galaxy, friend could additionally say Super Mario Galaxy has actually 242 strength Stars total. That claimed the missions and objectives are the same for the Bros., for this reason the number of challenges the reward Stars is quiet 121.

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