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A boat ride ends v engine trouble 

Whether you have a rate boat, pontoon boat or fishing boat, there is nothing prefer a work on the water. The sun, the cool breeze turn off the water and also the gentle rocking of the watercraft makes because that a be safe day.

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You launch your boat and begin to cruise. Before you recognize it, your watercraft engine starts exhilaration up and also your job of funny is over. You get your boat off the water and also begin come troubleshoot what can have unable to do wrong with the engine. Might it be the spark plugs?


What perform spark plugs do in mine boat’s engine?

A an essential component of her boat’s engine, maritime spark plugs take it in high voltage electrical energy at one end and ignite a spark at the various other end. The spark fires the air and also fuel mixture in ~ the engine and also creates the combustion that powers her boat.

Symptoms of negative marine spark plugs

Signs the your boat’s spark plugs are failing include:




Check the spark plug

To understand for certain if a fouled or damaged spark plug is the cause of your boat’s engine issues, you’ll must examine the spark plugs. Examine the spark plugs for damage to the insulator tip, boot and upper and lower insulators.

Next, check the spark plugs for indications of fouling. A fouled spark plug occurs when the plug no burning fuel normally, leaving damages to the plug i beg your pardon can cause the engine not to start. A typical spark plug will show up dry with a grayish color. A wet spark plug deserve to indicate water in the fuel when a white residue top top the plug can suggest to a plug that is also hot. If the plug is black through soot, it deserve to mean that the fuel has actually too much oil if an eroded plug have the right to indicate a too-hot plug.

When to change your spark plugs

If the spark plugs show signs of damages or fouling, brand-new ones may be in order. Basic fix, because that a few dollars friend can gain your boat engine running again.

The length of time in between spark plug changes depends on variables such together how many hours you usage your boat and also how you space using it. For additional recommendations, consult her owner’s hand-operated or her trusted watercraft mechanic.

What happens if i don’t adjust my boat’s spark plugs?

If a negative spark plug stays in your engine because that the long duration of time, the results can be terrible to her engine. Sooting can take place which can destroy your boat’s engine.


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