How countless Skittles room in this jar? Company an obstacle for pride Month. This photo is the just context i have.

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There's more than likely someone who's an professional at this, however I'll placed my untested mind to work. The volume the a cylinder is pi * r2 * height.

Taking 3 samples that height, making use of skittles together the unit:

From the left, i am walking down and counting. Ns counted 22 skittles.

From the middle, ns counted 23 skittles.

From the right, ns counted 20 skittles.

And we'll take it 3 samples that the area come go about in the same way, although I should be cautious to count the edges accurately. I'm not sure I can see the whole diameter native this cross-section, yet I'm walk to i think I deserve to for the services of making an estimate. A expert skittle analyst might include 2 to this counts or something.

From the top, ns counted 16 cones to go across.

From the middle, i counted 16 cones to go across.

From the bottom, i counted 15 skittles to walk across.

I deserve to now calculation that the elevation is approximately 21.7 skittles and also that one fifty percent the circumference of the basic is approximately 15.7 skittles. Circumference is same to the radius time 2 pi, so we division 15.7 skittles by pi to obtain a radius the 5 skittles -- appears a small small, yet not wholly unreasonable.

Then we just multiply 21.7 * 25 * pi to gain a last estimate of 1,704 cubic skittles. In reality, the jug is no a perfect cylinder, through an area in ~ the height curving inward. I would certainly estimate that to result in a lose in thickness of, ~ above average, 1 skittle at the height with a lost elevation of about 2 skittles; for this reason the curve at the top cause us to lose a number of skittles about equal to, say, twice the circumference (that would be around 60 skittles). Thus, my last estimate is 1704 - 60 = 1644 cubic skittles.

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This strategy assumes that all the various orientations that skittle will cancel out to provide a true median skittle length that is roughly the cube root of a skittle's volume, however that presumption might be off. It additionally fails come account because that wasted an are due come gaps in skittles, and assumes the my counting skills aren't horribly inaccurate.