Recently someone asked me how many sides there were to a coin. Everyone knows there room two sides to every coin, so ns said, “Two.” young was i surprised once they said, “Actually, there room three…the head side, the tail side, and also the edge of the coin. The is another side, too!” You recognize what? I had never thought of that, yet I believe they were right!

Most that us have actually been raised to think that there are two sides to every issue. While ns think the is rather true, ns am willing to concede that there could be a 3rd side to a instance that has actually not yet been considered. One side of the coin might be a solid view the we have actually on a particular situation. The various other side that the coin may be something that we perform not think at all. However, if we are able to stand on the leaf of the coin, probably we can see both sides much more clearly. Let me use an instance that may explain what i mean.

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Some that you have heard me say before that at one point in mine life i was a talking capitalist, but a to work socialist. A true capitalist is one who owns his or her very own life. They have actually secured sufficient funds so the they deserve to live comfortably off of the earnings they have accumulated without having to work any type of longer. Castle have completed enough success and also income come take treatment of themselves for the remainder of their life. This is not an easy process and the does take time, however, isn’t the where many of united state would prefer to be? ns doubt that any type of of us wants come be forced to gain up and go to work every day once we space eighty-five years old! at some point in time, we want our savings, investments, and collected financial resources to take treatment of us until the end of ours lives.

A socialist, on the other hand, is someone that is always looking for someone come take treatment of lock and carry out them through the straightforward essentials that life. Regularly they have an entitlement mentality the someone fan them something.

Now, let’s think ~ above the 3rd side that the coin – the edge – and look in ~ both sides. I think at some suggest in our life time it is vital that we go v this socialist process. That is whereby we learn how to perform a job and how to gain our feet ~ above the ground. That’s whereby we permit another human to mentor, tutor, or coach us. After ~ all, nobody of us room born specialists at anything, therefore we room dependent on rather to present us what come do and how to perform it.

However, the capitalist vantage allude is necessary as well. The is where we start to stand on our own two feet. We no longer need who to offer us a fish; someone has actually taught us just how to fish because that ourselves and also we room able to support ourselves and also achieve personal success.

The only method you can really view both of this points of view clearly is to stand on the sheet of the coin and also recognize the at various times, both of these stages space important!

See what ns mean? This idea of having actually three sides to every coin really is valuable. It help you to not be so dogmatic in your ideas that friend can’t view another possible option from a differing point of view. There is the heads side – i beg your pardon is one point of view; over there is the tails side – which might be the opposite allude of view; and also then there is the edge side which help you to probably see a 3rd option that has previously to be overlooked! The third option helps you to view that regularly the issue at hand is no an “either/or” situation, but could maybe be a “both/and” situation.

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I have had actually fun with this coin question and you can too!

The various other day, ns was through my grandson, David Michael and also thought I would certainly ask him the inquiry that had been asked of me to see if the knew the answer. When I asked how plenty of sides there were to a coin, he immediately answered, “Three!” I thought to myself, “How can my 13 year old nephew be smarter 보다 I am?” i said, “Why perform you say there are three?” the said, “Well, yes the head side, the tail side, and then there’s the edge.” It opened up an chance for us to have a an excellent conversation about how appropriate he was and how vital it is to see all three sides. I have found that maintaining an open up mind and also learning to hear to others helps create much better relationships. You might want to shot out this inquiry on one of your family members members or friends. It can lead come a good discussion like it did for me and my grandson.

Whatever you room going through in life and also whatever you space learning, constantly remember there may be another option the you have actually not considered. The is the leaf of the coin the will help you to it is in wiser and smarter in all that you do!