What is the fractional equivalent of the repeating decimal n = 0.1515... ? Answer the questions to find out. 1. How many repeating digits does the number represented by n have?


Practice HERE once you see my explanation. Please practice if you want to be good at this!

Short answer: How many digits are repeated? 2, exactly (1 and 5). So 2 digits, you have 99. If you have one digit repeated (like 0.3333...) then its 9.

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So, because of its 99. The answer is 15/99. Try to get what I mean.

Long answer:


x = 0.151515151515...

100x = 15.1515151515..... (to get this equation you multiply the above by 100)

Based on the red above, use elimination.

99x = 15 (solve for x)

x = 15/99

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