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Buying meat in mass is terrific option because that freshness and also economy. But something that we don’t often tend to think about is where and how to save the beef. Freezer size is vital; uneven you setup out exactly how to store half a cow, you’re probably going to have to think of exactly how to consume it an extremely fast. If you want to quickly find out what dimension freezer execute you require for ⅛, ¼ ½, or a entirety cow, find the ideal size chest or upright freezer in the table below.
 Chest freezer (cubic ft)Chest freezer (Liters)Upright freezerUpright freezer (Liters)Minimum dimension for ? cow3 cu ft100 L5 cu ft140 LMinimum size for ¼ cow5 to 7 cu ft140 to 200 L5 cu ft140 LMinimum dimension for ½ 8-10 cu ft227-290 L8-10 cu ft227-290 LMinimum dimension for a totality cow20 cu ft570 L18 cu ft510 L

When I tried to find my chest freezer, I always had in mind that I to be buying about ¼ that a cow every six months and around 20 totality chickens every three months. therefore I chose on a 7 cu ft chest freezer through a 7 cu ft – 200 liters storage volume.

Searching because that the finest freezer to store your beef have the right to be a pain. I invest several hours browsing through forums, amazon comments and listings and narrowed down the selection for the best one. So if friend are prefer me (I have three hungry boys) and buy numerous meat, simply examine the best freezers below that fit her needs. If you already know that you need a 7 cu ft chest freezer i made comprehensive research around them in my other post best 7 cu ft chest freezer.BEST CHEST FREEZERS because that STORING BEEFBEST UPRIGHT FREEZERS because that STORING BEEF
It’s commonly agreed that to fit half a cow in a chest freezer comfortably, you’d need around 24 to 28 cubic feet. That’s around 1 cubic foot per 28 pounds (12,7 kg) of meat, a general dominion that is good to save in mind. Conventional chest freezers 7 cubic feet (200 liters) are large enough to store around ¼ that a cow. Most heavy-duty deep freezers aren’t really enough to keep a totality cow because they hardly ever go as high together 28 cubic feet. Friend can, however, discover chest freezers that are around 22 cubic feet; this are an excellent for storing most of the cow, with only a few bits needing refrigeration in one more place.Your finest bet would certainly be to invest in two different chest freezers: a heavier one, around 20 cubic feet, where many of the meat would certainly go. Then, one more much smaller one whereby you have the right to store meat that you’re sure to be consuming much more frequently. Since it can be a pain to search for a particular cut of meat in a freezer, this option actually renders your life easier. The second smaller freezer can likewise be a deep freezer. 

What dimension Upright Freezer execute I need for ⅛, ¼ ½ or a whole cow

The same principle uses to all species of freezers, although upright freezers offer a level of organization that is much superior. If we’re smart about it, it’s possible to get away through storing a half cow in under 10 cubic feet. Stainless steel freezers are an excellent for save on computer beef, and also a single-door one would be enough for fifty percent a cow. However, larger, two-door (or three-door) upright freezers v a volume of 35 cubic feet or greater are easily able to save a totality cow. 

If ns am buying ⅛, ¼ ½ or a whole cow, which freezer is better, chest or upright

This will mainly depend on how much space you have available, your diet, your family’s diet, and also your family size. When one family can make fifty percent a cow last months, an additional cleans the freezer in just under a month. 

When to pick a chest freezer

Choose a chest freezer if you have sufficient space in your garage, basement, or even outside. Choose it if you room not an company junky. Chest freezers are much more complicated to save organized.Choose a chest freezer if girlfriend will use it for just a few different items. Because that example, if girlfriend buy only beef, pork and chickens, usage a chest freezer, yet if you likewise put other things in her deep freezer, like fruits, vegetables, bread, and more, pick the upright freezer.Suppose friend are simply one or two people. Chest freezers are good for storing points for a long time and particularly over lengthy periods. Also, because you’re under people, storing items in order isn’t a problem. Chest freezers room notoriously negative to keep organized, which is yes, really only an essential when we’re talking about a large household. 

When to select an upright freezer

Choose one upright freezer if you are either a big household or are a really prolific meat eater. If you choose to have things organized, upright freezers room incredible because that organizing and also planning ahead of time. Since planning meals is an important in big households, a good upright freezer allows you easily arrangement months ahead. If you nothing have enough space, upright freezers take lot less space than chest freezers.

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Best means to Organize her Freezer once Putting in lots of Beef at Once

Rule number one is to separate each cut in bags, Tupperware, or similar. Depending on what cuts you ask because that from your butcher, you’ll have a different arrangement to occupational with. One of two people way, there room a couple of things come consider:If you’re buying innards, liver, etc., they have to be separated and also quickly isolated from the rest of the meat. Butchers may load them all in a single bag. Separate them into three various sections: one for the stomach and also intestines, another for the liver and the heart, and one more for the tongue and/or brain.
Separate the boneless from the meat there is no the bone still on. This makes them easier to discover whenever you’re trying to find a details cut of meat. Also, anything through a bone in that is chunkier and heavier and can add pressure come boneless meats. Much better to keep them apart for the integrity of the latter. Put the cut you don’t like in level sight. Otherwise, they’re certain to rot away because you don’t see them, and also you don’t ever before think about them. Let them hang around in plain sight, therefore you force your mind to think around a means to placed them to an excellent use every single time you open the freezer. 

How much beef deserve to you placed in a Freezer

It’s easier to fit much more packaged cow right into a freezer due to the fact that it’s currently packaged and sealed so it’s much much easier to organize. For this reason in every cases, packaged beef requirements less an are in the freezer for this reason saving room and energy!