Smoked beef brisket is a delectable act that’s well worth the time and effort forced to make it. Before you fire increase the smoker, though, you’ll require to recognize the full weight that the brisket in question.

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Because food preparation times are established by the load of the meat and the temperature, it’s vital to get specific number. around how lot does a brisket weigh? Let’s take it a look.

How much Does A Brisket Weigh?

A totality brisket weighs between 10 and 16 pounds, despite smaller and larger cut are occasionally available. The flat, i beg your pardon is the larger of the two subprimal cuts, usually weighs between 6 and 10 pounds, if the allude cut weighs 5 to 7 pounds.

Why that Important

When you cook a huge cut that meat prefer pork target or beef brisket, you calculation the food preparation time based upon weight. A larger cut will take longer to chef than a smaller one, since it will take the warm longer to pass through all the method to the center of the meat.

While it’s tho a great idea to save an instant-read thermometer on hand to examine the meat’s progress, you should still have a unstable estimate for the total cooking time. Otherwise, the brisket can be done much sooner than you expect—or later, which can wreak havoc v your barbecue.

About Brisket

Brisket is a big cut of beef taken indigenous the lower chest region of the steer. together a primal cut, it’s one of the very first pieces to be separated native the carcass during butchering.

The muscle in this region get a lot of exercise, which means brisket have the right to be rather chewy and also tough. Once the meat is slow-smoked, however, the collagen in the connective tissue will failure and transform into gelatin, effectively tenderizing the beef.

Note the while brisket is periodically sold whole, it’s typically divided into two subprimal cuts well-known as the flat and the point. We’ll define the difference in between these cut in the section below.

How much Does A Brisket sweet on Average?

The complete weight the the brisket relies on the cut that girlfriend buy, and also the size of the steer. this is what to suppose from every of the adhering to types.

Whole Brisket

Typically, a totality brisket weighs between 12 and 16 pounds. It’s feasible to uncover cuts as tiny as 10 pounds or as large as 20 pounds, yet the home window tends to be a bit an ext narrow.

This cut may be labeled together a “whole packer” or “packer brisket,” depending upon the butcher. This way that both the flat and also the point end (see below) are included in the package. When you get the brisket home, you can leave it entirety or division it into sections as you prefer.

Preparing the whole brisket will certainly leave girlfriend with much more options when it comes to serving. The flat end is much better for dishes that speak to for sliced meats, while the point is appropriate for sandwiches and tacos. The allude is additionally the cut that’s supplied to make burnt ends, which room cubes of crisp brisket smothered in barbecue sauce.

Flat End


The flat finish of a brisket is a long slab the beef through a rectangular shape and a fat cap running follow me one side. This is the cut that’s often used to make corned beef. Once pastrami is do from brisket, it’s usually made from the flat finish as well.

Because the meat ~ above the level end has less marbling, it’s not fairly as juicy or flavorful as the point. However, the compact shape renders it much easier to cook. It likewise looks nicer when sculpted into slices, making it a great choice for an ext formal get-togethers.

A brisket level usually weighs in between 6 to 10 pounds. Although it will chef down a little as the fat cap melts, you can expect to get much more meat indigenous the flat than you will from the point. This is an additional reason why the flat is so popular with residence chefs.

Point End


True pitmasters tend to appreciate the suggest end that the brisket, owing to that is high portion of intramuscular fat. This marbling makes the allude very complicated to slice, therefore the meat is regularly shredded instead. However, if you’re ready to placed in the extra effort, the interplay of flavor and texture is unbeatable.

The allude is linked to the level by a great of fat well-known as the deckle. When the two are separated, the suggest weighs about 5 come 7 pounds. Note that part butchers will describe the allude cut itself together the deckle, so if you check out this term on a slab that beef because that sale, you’re most likely looking at a brisket point.

Also, remember that the total meat yield because that the suggest cut will be lower than if you’d smoked a flat end instead, even if the load is roughly the same. The high fat content pipeline you with much less usable meat when the smoker has actually done the work. Because that this reason, some butchers will grind the point into meat because that hamburgers.

A Word about Shrinkage

No issue which cut you choose, the brisket will weigh significantly less when the meat is cooked.

That’s since raw beef is about 70 percent water—sometimes contempt more, depending on the cut. Together the meat cooks, most of the humidity evaporates, leaving behind a product lot lighter than the one you started with.

In general, you can expect her brisket to shrink by around one-third by the moment it’s finished cooking. That way a 12-pound brisket need to leave girlfriend with about 8 pounds the meat.

How much Brisket To offer Per Person

So exactly how much brisket must you plan on buying once serving a crowd? A great rule of ignorance is to buy 1/2 pound of raw brisket every person. However, this number may fluctuate, depending upon your circumstances.

If your guest perform is comprised primarily of adults, it’s much better to buy much more meat than you think you will do it need. On the various other hand, if there will certainly be a lot of youngsters present, it’s fine to target lower. Younger guests won’t consume as lot as full-grown adults, particularly if there space other activities to distract them.

Also, consider the time of her party. people tend come eat less at daytime events than they carry out in the evening, so you deserve to scale earlier the section sizes because that lunchtime gatherings.

Next, take it a look at the various other offerings on your menu. Room you to plan to serve a number of hearty sides, such together macaroni and also cheese and baked beans? Or will certainly the brisket be the star attraction, anchored just by a few grilled vegetables? The an ext options you have on hand, the less meat you’ll need per person.

Finally, think about whether you desire to deal with a ton of leftovers. Us think it’s basic to find uses because that leftover brisket, particularly if you’ve all set both the point and the flat. However, if you’d rather see the meat disappear in one go, climate don’t walk overboard with your section sizes.

Final Thoughts

Before you decision to do smoked beef brisket because that your following barbecue, calculate exactly how much meat friend think you’ll need.

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This will make it easier to decision if you desire to to buy the point, the flat, or a totality packer brisket. Relying on the size of her guest list (not to cite your appetite), you might even want to buy more than one.