Steps in Ordering your FFA jacket, tie, or scarf.

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Warning!!!!!To order your FFA jacket, you first need to obtain your invite code from your Ag. teacher to make your national account. DO NOT make a guest account as soon as ordering your FFA jacket!*** Please note: If you are unsure of your jacket size, please call your advisor as jackets are obtainable for you to attempt on, so that you have the right to find the right fit.

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​1., in the height ideal hand also edge of the display, click "My FFA Registration and Login."Get in the chapter ID and also the invite code here. These will certainly serve as your temporary login and also password information, which you can change later on.2. Once logged on, click the word "Shop" at the optimal of the main display Next off, click "Official Dress" at the top of the display.4. Select "Women."5. Make certain you also get a scarf (the one that is "Striped Waterautumn Scarf," item #GS2-4000, is the one many of our girls have).6. For thejacket, we actually recommend that you do not obtain the tailored one--it"s the majority of extra hassle. Click "Select Options" in package on the left, "Women"s OfficialJacket."7. On the "jacket" display screen, under "Type," choose "StandardJacket." Under "Size," pick the dimension you need.8. Click "Click right here to personalize."9. Under "Chapter Number," type CA053610. Under "Advisor," form in any advisor"s name (Maggie Maratsos, Jeremiah Perotti, and so on.)11. For "Front Line 1," kind in the first name and last name as you would prefer it to show up on the front of thejacket.12. For "Front Line 2," leave it blank.13. For "Front Line 3," leave it empty.14. For "Front Line 4," leave it blank.15. For "Back State Line 1, " compose The golden state.16. For "Back Chapter Line 2," compose Menifee-Heritage.17. For "Back Chapter Name Line 3," leave it blank.18. Click "Add to Cart."19. When you"re ready to pay, thejacketwill be detailed as THREE items, because the personalization counts as an "item" (also though it does not cost anything extra).20. Proceed to inspect out.21. For shipping alternatives, examine the address that it is shipping to. If it"s not correct, choose, from the drop down food selection, to edit the attend to for shipping.22. Under "Payment Options," enter your card information.23. Complete your order!

Shop FFA- Ordering your jacket*** Please note: If you are uncertain of your jacket dimension, please contact your advisor as jackets are available for you to try on, so that you have the right to uncover the right fit.