My name is Joe Chambers. I own a custom 1911 pistol shop in Nebraska called Chambers tradition LLc. (CCP). I have been building 1911 style pistols because that a decade now, which yes, really isn’t long if friend love what friend do, and I certainly do love building guns! i’ve been an extremely blessed to have had my guns in a pair of publications. End the years ns have operated hard to store my builds unique and also interesting. Hope you reap the posts put forth and also will discover them helpful if not humorous.

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So, stop talk around the bits and also pieces the 1911 pistols.

One the the most popular questions I check out asked on internet forums and social media teams that center about the 1911 layout pistol is, “What parts need to I change on the brand-new XXXX brand 1911 pistol I simply bought?”.

This is a really subjective inquiry that has thousands the answers. My straightforward answer to that one concern is usually, “Buy ammo, shooting it till something breaks, and also then change what breaks”. Unfortunately countless of us live in a mindset that if it deserve to be boosted upon immediately then it should. There is naught wrong through that mindset!

The problem sets in as soon as you establish that many standard 1911 pistol types have at the very least 52 parts. This doesn’t encompass the pistols with collection 80 or Swartz device parts in castle or the magazine. For this reason where execute you start?

And right here we go down a rabbit hole.

One of the common answers girlfriend will watch is human being advising to replace any part that is MIM, or metal injection molded. While the is true that plenty of of these components can and do break, I’ve additionally seen numerous of castle go 10s of thousands of rounds with zero issues. Nonetheless, i don’t understand a solitary custom builder the will use MIM parts in a true tradition 1911.

MIM parts are generally the smaller sized bits and also pieces like the hammer, sear, disconnector, grip safety, thumb safety, mainspring housing, mag catch, ejector and also slide stop. These room all parts that can be conveniently replaced with limited knowledge and also tools if a person so desires.

Quality barstock small parts are easily accessible from plenty of sources. Most are actually made by simply a few manufacturers in the industry. We sell numerous replacement components on our own store site for those who desire the satisfaction that doing it themselves. They deserve to be discovered here:

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" loading="lazy" class="wp-image-10854 size-medium" title="Chambers practice LLc." src="" alt="The CCP SSFT is the shortest trigger on the market." width="300" height="218" data-recalc-dims="1" />The CCP SSFT is the shortest trigger on the market.Replacing the trigger also gives girlfriend an possibility to choose a format that fits her hands best. There is every little thing from lengthy flat and also curved to quick curved. We even offer the CCP Super short Flat Trigger, the shortest cause on the market for those with small hands or short fingers.

The slide protect against in a 1911 pistol is caliber specific. This is really important to note if you desire the total to operate properly and also lock ago after the critical shot. A .45 Auto on slide stop has actually a shorter nose than one supplied in a 9mm/.38super/.40S&W/10mm. Once ordering one be certain to specify i m sorry one girlfriend need.

When replacing the slide avoid it is additionally important come remember the it may require part refitting the the barrel foot or link. This is not always the case, however in those instances wherein it is, the installer have to be careful and have some understanding of the operations of the gun. If girlfriend don’t have this expertise you may finish up needing a new barrel.

A effectively reamed chamber really boosts performance.

Chamber reaming should, in mine opinion, be left to someone with suffer in the operation. Reaming as well deeply can cause serious headspace problems. Reaming also shallow can reason more break down issues. As soon as properly cut you would certainly be amazing at how smoothly the gun have the right to function.

Another alternative in barrels because that those the you that are much more adventuresome and also have some mechanical ability is the Kart E-Z right barrel. Every one of the custom guns built here at CCP have actually Kart Precision complement barrels hand fit come exacting tolerances. However, Fred Kart, the owner of Kart barrels, created an ingenious system, that once employed properly, permits a loved one novice to fit a new match great barrel to their 1911 of selection with family member precision and minimal tooling.

These E-Z fit Kart barrels have been supplied by everyone from plinkers and home smiths to some practice 1911 smiths with terrific results. Lock are one of the an ext expensive upgrades a person can make to the bits and also pieces, yet when properly fit, have the right to make a substantial improvement to the accuracy and reliability of your 1911. They come through a pre-fit bushing and link. The room does still need to be finish reamed ~ the hood is fit. But if you are at this allude in your mechanical capability it do not do it be a problem.

Finally, lets talk cosmetic upgrades. The 1911 pistol world is precise flush v options. Some of them room really nice, others do you feeling cool. Some actually add functionality, rather are just gimmicks like so numerous fishing lures.

Grips space a popular upgrade that are simple for the finish user come upgrade. Whether you want an easy or extreme the sector likely has what you are after. Gentlemen choose Brian Challis of Challis Grips (who I usage for all my high finish builds) produce some the the many beautiful to adjust of grips out of wood and also mammoth tooth the your eyes will ever see. No, they room not cheap, however quality rarely is this days. Others like Chris Lynch of AlumaGrips emphasis on do a spicy looking product supposed to last a life time of hard use.

Stunning Spalted Pecan and also Red Morrel grips ~ above a pair of CCP 1911’s by Brian Challis.

Another famous upgrade is nitre blue pins and screws. There are few shops that market these exterior of tradition builds. I’m proud that we execute offer them. That is a basic upgrade that have the right to really readjust the means certain guns look. They also compliment a an excellent looking set of wood grips!

In current years among the more…interesting…upgrades i have seen males use is the bushing comp. Having built many actual comp firearms over the years this is my opinion. A comp ~ above a .45 Auto produce no appreciable innovation in recoil. In fact, adjusting her spring rates appropriately for the fill you room using will perform far more to boost your shoot experience. However, it if you favor the look and it makes you feel great about your gun then by all means get one and also properly right it as much as your pistol!

If you room running a hot 9mm or other “minor” caliber then a effectively designed and also fit comp have the right to make a difference. Simply remember that the flame has to go somewhere, and with a comp that somewhere is the end the ports. Don’t be like one other I heard of that was being carjacked. He pulled his comped 1911 pistol out, shooting the criminal and also in doing so collection the headliner that his car of fire! He conserved his car, kind of…

In closing, it is crucial to remember the no matter what bits and pieces you select to upgrade, in the end what matters is go it make the weapon more reliable and accurate and also do you choose it yourself. Shot not to buy into the gimmicks, over there are plenty of out there, that claim this is the only, or finally the best, or finish all it is in all. The 1911 pistol has been approximately for 105 years. There room very couple of original ideas.

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Over the coming weeks and months I will certainly go into much more depth on some of the components mentioned and also others. I’ll show you how they deserve to make a difference and also how to effectively fit them have to you decision to upgrade. Ns hope you reap the tips and opinions shared. Perhaps something you pick up here will aid enhance her shooting experience.