I had encountered “schooner” together a portion size because that beer in my recent Australia visit, but didn’t have actually a clear feeling of what the meant, other than larger than the smallest size (called “pot,” together I recalled). And also by the way, if you’re no from here, “Bud” is Budweiser, more than likely the most renowned American beer.

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I confirm the OED, which told an interesting, somewhat complicated story. It offers a joined State origin for “schooner” together a beer vessel, citing a an interpretation in an 1879 execution of Webster’s dictionary: “A tall glass, used for lager-beer and ale, and containing about double the quantity of an simple tumbler.” one 1896 quote indigenous a Scottish newspaper shows the term had actually crossed the Atlantic, and also specifies its size: “‘the schooner’ 14 liquid ounces, or 2 4-5ths royal gills … uncovered in everyday use, under miscellaneous names, in London, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and elsewhere.”

But then, the term seems to have actually subsided both in Britain and the U.S., just to reappear, by the 1930s, in Australia and brand-new Zealand. A fascinating 2011 article in Australia Beer News traced the tangled history of “schooner” in brand-new South Wales. The author, Dr. Brett J. Stubbs, boundaries himself to that state since “tracing the history of the schooner glass (let alone that beer glasses in general) in Australia requires more than simply a short article.” To summary his story would require an ext than simply a brief blog post, however fortunately, this graphic is floating roughly the web (apologies for no being able to figure out and also cite the original source). It bring to mental the apocryphal factoid about Eskimos having actually 100 or part other huge number words for snow.

Meanwhile, by the 1960s the meaning of “schooner” in britain had adjusted to, as the OED puts it, “A tall, waisted sherry glass” hold 3.5 ounces. The writer that a 1973 post in The Times wasn’t happy with this development, introduce to “the abominably proportioned waisted Elgin glass, periodically used because that sherry, or the vulgar outsize version, the schooner.”

Schooners for sherry.

And what of north America? no surprisingly, we have actually super-sized the schooner. The OED is no help here, however this is what Wikipedia needs to say:

In Canada, a “schooner” refers to a huge capacity beer glass. Unlike the Australian schooner, which is smaller sized than a pint, a Canadian schooner is constantly larger. Although no standardized, the most common size that schooner offered in Canadian bars is 946 ml (32 united state fl oz); the volume of 2 US pints. That is normally a tankard (mug) shame glass, fairly than a pint-shaped glass….

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In the united States, “schooner” refers to the form of the glass (rounded with a brief stem), fairly than the capacity. It can variety from 18 come 32 US fl oz (532 come 946 ml).

Sure enough, here’s an write-up from a Lawrence, Kansas, newspaper about a bar in the college city that offer 32 oz. Schooners in the rounded shape — though “If the bar runs out of clean glasses ~ above a liven night, you’ll acquire your 32 ounces that beer in a large plastic cup.”

In my preliminary study on the topic, ns posted on facebook the Brooklyn sign and also a query as to the meaning of “schooner.” Someone responded that in brand-new England, it’s 10 ounces — perhaps an instance of a British usage that has actually been retained in the region, choose “rubbish.” however my favourite comment came from my friend Jan Ambrose, who is discriminating in she beer tastes: “There is no quantity of Bud I would pay $3 for.”