Strawberries are used in baking, for jams and also jellies, consumed raw, in salads, and more. When purchasing strawberry look because that fresh strawberry that space firm, dry, plump, and unblemished.

How much does a strawberry weigh?


Extra Large1-5/8″ dia27g1oz
Large1-3/8″ dia18g0.6oz
Medium1-1/4″ dia12g0.4oz
Small1″ dia7g0.2oz
Cup, Pureed232g8.2oz
Cup, Slices166g5.9oz
Cup, Halves152g5.4oz
Cup, WholeAbout 5 extra big or 8 huge or 12 tool or 20 small144g5.1oz

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Nutritional Values:

Nutritional worth per 100 g (3.5 oz)