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I bought my an initial saturn in March, and lets say i am not disappointed!I knew I gained ripped, $1400 for an eleven year old automobile with 180K on it already! BUT! with a hand-operated tranny, ns knew a feasible life expectancy of 300K is not impossible, and also the ahead (one only!) owner take it pretty good care of it. Ns am no so great I to be afraid. I still havent readjusted the oil, and I have actually put 15K ~ above it already since March. Bad GIRL! My question is, am ns being unrealistic to intend to store this automobile till it hits 300K? The alt just passed away (thanks for the information here, now I know just how to get the point out of the hole!) but other than that, it has been a dream car. It does have a poor bearing in the tranny, yet being a manual, no a big deal. It has actually survived mine daughter learning exactly how to time the clutch v the gas because that the previous 3 months! (all 16 year olds should learn exactly how to drive a stick before they acquire their drivers license!!)My last car was a $400 "87 VW FOX and also it visited 250K prior to that blond hair ran the avoid sign and also pushed the engine right into the firewall!I have had actually probly 5 cars walk to 300K, yet all had manual trannies. I mean 60K per year driving, dont ask me how! all all
My question is, am i being unrealistic to expect to keep this car till it access time 300K? >not if friend don"t execute something with that oil. Saturns rotate oil come crap real fast. Ns don"t also like wait til 3k.
Yeah... It need to last forever as lengthy as you readjust the oil every 3K miles... In Illinois girlfriend may be able to wait "till 5K, yet with that plenty of miles top top it, I"d obtain the Valvoline Max Life or some various other high-mileage oil in the every three thousand.
I just acquired a 94 sl2 freebe with 260,000 ~ above it, it runs good and is quiet in quite shape. Will certainly see just how many miles a saturn deserve to handle. :)
Saturn .I call it one American make Toyota.Simplest car on the USA market today.Do not choose automatic ones.Crap.Prefer solitary overhead cam.They do burn oil ,but had actually so plenty of exceptional.
This automobile I bought provided 5 or 6 yrs. Ago, currently I have actually 221000 miles and going strong. It seems that it will run forever. We will certainly see.The best vehicle I ever had.(my other car is a 2001 MB CLK 320)Regards, Edgar :naughty:
My 95 has 143K, really please v my decision of to buy the car. If you desire it to last, you need to be an extremely careful. Oil adjust has to it is in made at 3kl, i usually do mine around 2500, just to be careful with her car. I also think you payment too much for the automobile but the is simply me. Ns paid $1000 for mine, yet I live in Texas, and here trucks preeminence the day, i beg your pardon is why i think obtained a an excellent deal in my car. Ideal of luck with your car.
I went to one of regional Saturn dealerships to make a crucial by VIN number together they are only ones who have the right to do it and also they had 1991 Saturn Sl1 rod shift,single overhead video camer in your showroom encapsulated in glass v 475 000 miles on it and also they say that automobile still runs and drive.

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damn autousa it is pretty high up there my 92 sl2 manual has 341,000 on that sad thing is it needs a rebiuld i let it sit in the garage 5 months occasionally starting it . Visited clean mine intake and also found a trace of oil in it stated SH&T . O well it has been a good car.~shawn~ :banghead: :icon16: :eek: i m really sorry just gained a tad emotionally .