In the nations I can get data for the average new home differed in dimension from 45 m2 (484 ft2) in Hong Kong up to 214 m2 (2,303 ft2) in Australia.

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US residence size has fallen a little since the recession, come 201 m2 (2,164 ft2) in 2009. UK house size is fairly small in ~ 76 m2 (818 ft2) when Canadian homes are quite large at 181 m2 (1,948 ft2). For China the data just reflects metropolitan properties, which now mean 60 m2 (646 ft2) and have nearly doubled in size in the last 15 years.

There space all sorts of factors for this differences. Wide range levels, urbanization rates, land access and climate every play a part. Nonetheless the range of the distinctions is quite fascinating.

The point that is really absent from this photo is people.

Average floor room per person

We can take our evaluation a tiny further by spring at how much floor an are this equates to per person.

Using data top top average household size we can estimate floor an are per inhabitant for brand-new homes. This analysis is a little rough and also ready, together it assumes new homes are being constructed for the average household. Nonetheless it is useful because it helps to control for the substantial differences in family members size between countries.

Here space the figures in square-meters.


Click come the picture to expand, or if you favor square-feet click this link.

At just 15 m2 (161 ft2) a human being in Hong Kong has actually just a 4 minutes 1 of the floor space of the mean Australian or American.

If Graham Hill lives by himself then his trendy 39 m2 (420 ft2) is comparable to who from Sweden. In truth in the range from 30-45 m2 (323-484 ft2) space the averages for Italy, the UK, Japan, Spain, Sweden, France and Greece.

At our ar we have actually 110 m2(1,184 ft2) because that a family members of four, which is 27 m2 (291 ft2) every person. Having previously resided in a few different flats that 50-60 m2 as a couple this feels pretty palatial, and also is certainly more than sufficient for us. Yet 30 m2 per person is much more generous in a 4 person family members than it is in a studio apartment for one.

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In London they have actually a brand-new minimum room standard as component of the London Plan. For new flats the minimum standards room 37 m2 (398 ft2) for one person, 50 m2 (538 ft2) for two people in one bedroom, 61 m2 (657 ft2) for three world with 2 bedrooms, 70 m2 (753 ft2) for four human being in 2 bedrooms and 74 m2 (797 ft2) for four people in 3 bedrooms. Room these enough space?

In my mind if you have decent ceiling heights, an excellent windows, clever storage and also not too lot stuff a small space deserve to go a long way.