I found a bag that chopped kale in ~ my grocery store store. The recipe claims to add 2 - 4 kale leaves. How huge is a kale leaf? deserve to I say that 1 cup the chopped kale amounts to a kale leaf? Love your advanced Berry Kale Smoothie. I put 2 cups of chopped kale in it. Tasted delicious! Thanks, Terri

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---Terri,I think that you acquired your kale dimensions right. One big kale leaf would be one loosely packed cup that chopped increase kale. Some species of chopped kale would be able to pack in 2-3 leaves.But that sounds prefer you have actually been experimenting, execute the quantities that your taste buds like. That is the most necessary thing. Otherwise, you could not proceed drinking green smoothies.I expect this helps!Happy Blending!DaNaeThirsty? examine out more delicious and healthy smoothie recipes!

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