SECTION 7. A. A doubleheader must incorporate the very same two teams and may be reserved as two nine-inning games, a seven and a nine, or 2 seven-inning games. The very first game that a doubleheader must be completed before the second game may start.

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b. The second game shall begin 20 minutes after perfect of the an initial game. If a much longer time duration is necessary, the umpire-in-chief will announce this to both head coaches. The preferably time need to be 30 minutes.

c. If a rescheduled (not halted) video game is scheduled as part of a doubleheader, that shall it is in the second game played. If the is the completion of a stopped game, that shall be the first game played.

instance 1—Team A theatre a seven-inning video game with Team B. Team B then plays a seven-inning game with Team C immediately after the very first game. Team A climate plays a seven-inning game with Team C automatically after the second game. Execute these gamings count together regulation games? Ruling: No. Doubleheaders are identified as continuous games in between the same two teams.

Example 2—Team A plays a seven-inning video game with Team B. Team A theatre a nine-inning video game with Team C instantly after the very first game. Team C climate plays a seven-inning game with Team B after ~ the second game. Are these regulation games? Ruling: just the game in between Team A and Team C (second game) is a regulation game.

example 3—Team A plays two seven-inning gamings consecutively v Team B. Team C climate plays Team D in two seven-inning gamings consecutively. Are these regulation games? Ruling: Yes.

example 4—Two conference teams space playing a doubleheader v both games scheduled together seven-inning contests. Conference rule stipulate the the halted-game rule is in effect. In the 2nd game, the groups play come the completion of the 5th inning v one team ahead by a 12-2 score, when the game is referred to as on account that darkness, as there room no lights at the facility. The final game the the series is reserved for the next day as a nine-inning game. Ruling: The last two innings space played the following day prior to the nine-inning game.

example 5—Two teams have a doubleheader booked as two 7 inning games. The 2nd game was stopped due to the fact that of a time-limit dispute at the facility with two outs in the top of the sixth inning v the score 9-3 in donate of the house team. Is this a regulation game? Ruling: No. A time limit at the facility is not an embraced reason to end a contest.

example 6—Two teams have a doubleheader booked as two seven-inning games. The very first game is booked to start at 10 a.m. And also the second game to begin at 6 p.m. Walk this format satisfy the doubleheader preeminence for seven-inning games? Ruling: No. Doubleheaders need to be play consecutively in ~ 30 minutes of every other, follow to rule 5-7-b. If the over games room nine innings, they would certainly be taken into consideration regulation games.

instance 7—Two teams have actually a doubleheader scheduled, the an initial game as a seven-inning game and the second as a nine-inning game. The 2nd game is referred to as due to rain or darkness. Is the first game that was perfect a regulation game? Ruling: Yes. Both teams intended come play both games. By the doubleheader rules, a seven-inning game complied with by a nine-inning video game is legal. These teams need to not be penalized as result of rain or darkness.

d. A scheduled stand-alone seven-inning video game shall be prohibited.

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e. A seven-inning game that was originally scheduled together a component of a doubleheader, and was never ever started or had been stopped or suspended, might be completed as a seven-inning video game for a future time. Note: enables for collaboration between umpires, home video game management and also the visiting team, which offers them v the adaptability of never starting or having to halt the game once it has been started. All 3 entities need to be present when this decision is made.