— Yamaha has been the number one providers of sport quads also when other ATV manufacturers have actually ignored this group of off-road enthusiasts. This dates ago to the late 1980s as soon as sport quads come under attack from the basic news media. Power models began to disappear indigenous the lineups of most manufactures, yet not because that Yamaha. The two-stroke half an hour remained accessible every year from 1987 to 2006. Therefore did the two-stroke Blaster and the four-stroke Warrior 350.

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Yamaha proceeds that ideology today by giving the YFZ450 and Raptor 700 come the sport quad speak enthusiasts. Some riders may complain that these machines don’t get significant changes every year, but they have seen far an ext than the Banshee, Blaster and also Warrior received during their nearly 20 years of production. Since the Raptor’s an initial introduction that engine, frame, suspension and also styling has seen significant upgrades.


The dust Wheels crew has a brand-new 2018 Yamaha Raptor 700R in our hands now that we are start to test. ~ unloading it turn off the trailer in ~ our favorite riding area, we offered it a good look over and here are the list of points worth noting:



The 686cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 4-valve engine is not hurting because that horsepower. It has actually a 44mm, fuel-injected throttle body that enables the engine come continually increase power approximately 9,000 rpms. The twin counterbalancers regulate vibration of the large single and keep it running smooth.


Along with the Raptor 700’s 102mm boring it has a lengthy 84mm stroke. This method it provides power at reduced rpms too. Girlfriend don’t need to rev it the end to get quick acceleration. It instantly move forward once your ignorance hits the throttle.


When you let turn off the Raptor’s throttle the engine compression helps slow-moving it down much more than smaller sized engine quads. This is miscellaneous to get used come if you’ve been riding two-stroke Banshees and Honda 250Rs. Friend won’t it is in on the brakes as lot or replacing brake pads as often.


The Raptor 700 has five forward gears and reverse. The equipment spacing between an initial and 5th have constantly seemed spot on with every one of the previous year Raptors we’ve ridden. This is helped by the fact that girlfriend don’t have actually to transition this big single as much as you would on a 400 or 450. Instead of down-shifting because that a turn it’ll traction a taller gear.


Like every quad these days the Raptor has push-button electrical starting. However, you can hit the starter switch while it’s in any type of gear when you pull in the clutch lever. This come in real handy if you lock the behind brakes and accidentally stall the engine. Friend can quickly get it running again while still moving.



The typical Raptor, the 700R and also the SE model carry out 9 inch of suspension travel in the front and also 10 inches in the rear. The difference is the R and also SE have piggyback reservoir shocks with adjustable rebound damping and also high and low rate compression adjustments. The typical Raptor just offers adjustable spring preload.


The Raptor’s frame is a mix of aluminum and also steel. The backbone is solid aluminum, but the front section is steel, which renders it possible to be straighten if bent increase in a crash. The behind swingarm is additionally cast aluminum because that maximum strength.


Two fingers on the front brake bar will quickly slow down the Raptor. It has twin-piston calipers squeezing the prior drilled key rotors as well as twin pistons ~ above the drilled rear disc.


The Raptor is built at the same manufacturing facility in Georgia that produces Yamaha’s 4×4 quads and also UTVs. It likewise has a plug-in because that Yamaha’s Diagnostic device which permits for less complicated serviceability at the dealer.


The shortest priced 2018 Raptor is $7,999, through the R version going for $8,4999 and also the SE model provided at $9,099.

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Stayed tuned to dirt Wheels for our finish evaluation that the 2018 Raptor once we conclude our testing and also present the final results.