What is the MPG of the 2021 Honda Pilot?

The 2021 Honda Pilot is one impressive, versatile SUV the delivers style, performance, and also power all in one package. The high quality and also efficiency the the 2021 Honda Pilot is apparent in many of the features, and also this is particularly true of the gas mileage and driving range. Though there are countless trim options available, no matter which is preferred you will certainly be leaving lock Honda v a remarkably effective SUV.

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brand-new 2021 Honda Pilot Gas usage by trim level

There room seven various trim options available for the 2021 Honda Pilot, each v its own unique configuration that features. Over there is the LX, the EX, the EX-L, the distinct Edition, the Touring, and the upstream trim in the 2021 Honda Pilot. And while every one of these trim alternatives are different, they have their gas usage in common. With the exemption of the Elite, every trim level come in both a 2WD alternative or one AWD option. The 2WD trim for every choice on the 2021 Honda Pilot except the Elite has a city miles per gallon of 20, a highway MPG the 27, and a linked MPG of 23. The AWD variation of every trim options of the 2021 Honda Pilot has actually a city MPG the 19, a highway MPG the 26, and also a an unified MPG of 22.

2WD every versions 20 city/27 highway/23 merged MPGAWD all versions 19 city/26 highway/22 an unified MPG

*MPG based upon 2021 EPA mileage estimates. Supplied for comparison functions only. Really mileage will certainly vary.

brand-new 2021 Honda Pilot Fuel Tank capacity

No issue which that the many accessible trim options looks ideal to you out of the 2021 Honda Pilot options, you will be purchase a automobile with the very same fuel tank. Every versions the the 2021 Honda Pilot have a 19.5-gallon fuel tank capacity. V this dimension fuel tank, your brand-new 2021 Honda Pilot will save you ~ above the roadway for longer and filling up your fuel tank less.

19.5-gallon fuel tank capacity on every trims
brand-new 2021 Honda Pilot Driving variety

Because every one of the various trim level of the 2021 Honda Pilot have the same miles every gallon, they also have the very same driving range. So in between the LX, EX, EX-L, distinct Edition, Touring, and Elite versions of the 2021 Honda Pilot, all have actually the very same driving range per drivetrain option. The 2WD variation of the 2021 Honda Pilot in every one of its trims has actually a city driving variety of 390 miles, a highway driving variety of 526.5 miles because that a linked driving selection of 448.5 miles. The AWD version of the 2021 Honda Pilot trims has actually a city driving variety of 370.5 miles, a highway driving selection of 507 miles because that a combined driving variety of 429 miles. All of the alternatives are fairly close, leaving girlfriend to decision which trim and drivetrain works best for friend without having actually to sacrifice performance.

2WD 390 mile city/526.5 miles highway/448.5 miles combined driving rangeAWD 370.5 mile city/507 miles highway/429 miles combined driving range




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Why to buy From lock Honda near Morton Grove, IL?

If you room looking to acquisition a new 2021 SUV the is designed for driver safety, convenience, and comfort all in one sporty package, the 2021 Honda Pilot is perfect because that you. And there is no much better place to acquisition your new 2021 Honda Pilot 보다 at lock Honda close to Morton Grove, IL. The knowledgeable employee at lock Honda will be certain to uncover you the appropriate trim out of all that room available.