2012 Edge Limited w/ Ecoboost - this car is supposed to have a 18.xx gallon fuel tank. I can not get more then 14 in the tank, I have driven it down to 5 miles left. I took it into the dealership and all they say is "oh it has a 3 gallon reserve or so" I call BS .. no car has a 20% reserve thats absurd.

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Anyone else with this issue ?

Im in the same boat as you and have gone through your thought process, but the reserve makes sense to me. I"m always putting in about 14 gallons when I have around 50 miles left on the tank.

Same exact experience here. Am having to fill up more often but I still love my Edge:)

:hyper: How about the virtual gas cap?


My last fill up stated I had about 10 miles until I had to push (uphill probably), and I was able to get 17.5 gallons in the tank (the trip computer stated I used 17.23).

The owner’s manual for my 2011 AWD lists the tank capacity at 19.2 gal. I’m frequently able to fill the tank with 18.5 gals. My last fill-up was 18.95 gals. If it’s really 19.2 gal., that’s cutting it way too close. On that occasion, I drove it about 5-10 miles beyond the “0 miles to empty” indication.

Personally, I think there is something wrong with their filling system.


I fill my tank on slow and when I drive away it goes from just slightly over the fill mark to about 7/8ths in about 5 clicks.


I have mentioned this numerous times to the service dealer but all I get is "no codes found"


I can keep topping of the tank ever so slowly after it clicks off and I am able to add about 3-4 gallons extra. Yesterday I was down to about 20 miles left and I was only able to put 16.2 gallons in it, so where is the other 3 gallons?

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Posted June 3, 2012(edited)

and how many gallons did the trip screen say you used prior to filling?

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Posted March 10, 2015

Pushed it ever, ever so hard a few weeks back (just now found this post). Hopped OFF the freeway into the station... 19.1 gallons. 830 at night. The desert. My wife was not happy.



Thus... I tend to agree with the 19.2 gallon figure... I was WAYYYYY past the 0 miles left mark.


Just an FYI. I knew I had about 50 miles when I hit the zero mark... as I"ve pressed it a few times. I chose to push it that evening.

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Posted March 11, 2015

2013 SEL 3.5 L; had the car since late December "14, so not a long time. The most fuel it has taken at one filling was 19.8 gallons (honest). I was very surprised at the 19.8. The next highest amount was 19.3 gallons. I have to milk in the last few gallons, like others have said it can be a slow-go for the last few. I"m usually putting in 16 or 17 gallons. My weekday commute is about 100 miles, so I get to gas up pretty often. Love the car so far.

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