The 2018 Chevy Tahoe is the newest edition of America’s best-selling SUV, and it’s far better than ever. Compare it to the compete to watch why both drivers and also critics love this versatile SUV. What J.D. Power called America’s many Dependable large SUV now has fantastic fuel economic climate to go through its an effective performance; nevertheless of which Tahoe trim configuration you choose.

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2018 Tahoe Fuel Mileage


The latest Tahoe fuel economic climate starts from a an effective V8 engine, uncovered in LS and also LT trims, which renders the power even much more impressive. Relying on your engine choice, either 355 or 420 speech gets yielded to an automatically transmission. The 5.3L V8 engine offers a six-speed automatically transmission, while the 6.2L V8 combines v a 10-speed automatic. Both engines usage smart energetic Fuel Management an innovation to disable some of the cylinders when coasting, and also bring them back to life once you need an ext power. This helps accomplish the ideal in course Tahoe fuel economy motorists love. Best of all, the active fuel management system transitions the cylinders from active to inactive and earlier again therefore smoothly the you can not even notice it’s happening.

2018 Tahoe Fuel Efficiency


Both combinations of engine and also transmission acquire unbeatable mileage for every gallon the gas when contrasted to various other SUVs with this size and capability. This is especially impressive since the Chevrolet Tahoe is a truck-based SUV. The United states Department of energy reports the adhering to official estimates for the 5.3L engine and six-speed transmission:

23 miles every gallon highway16 miles per gallon city19 miles every gallon combined

Those numbers space for the two-wheel journey option, and also upgrading come four-wheel drive just shaves turn off one mile every gallon. The 6.2L engine offers even much more power and also retains an exceptional efficiency.

23 miles per gallon highway14 miles per gallon city17 miles per gallon combined

Thanks to the included power of the larger engine, this mileage continues to be almost fully consistent with four-wheel drive. The 6.2L Tahoe (2018) engine just loses one mile per gallon highway once upgrading come four-wheel drive, and it keeps the same city and combined mileage.

Test journey a new Tahoe in Phoenix Today

At the highest an unified rate that 19 miles per gallon combined, the enormous 26 gallon tank gives motorists a cruising variety of just under 500 miles. Expect that selection to it is in even higher on long road trips in ~ highway speeds.

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This unbeatable performance is only one of the many reasons drivers select Tahoe much more than any other car in that is class. Come view all the other superior attributes at your nearest Phoenix Chevy dealership and take a test drive today! Ask about the Tahoe’s towing capabilities.